Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Richie Fletcher

"A group of teens" (or alternatively, "juveniles") surrounds a man, aged 61, and beats him to within inches of his life in retaliation for his having asked a couple of them to stop fighting on top of his truck which was parked outside of his home at the time of the incident. The story notes that all of the attackers are from Baltimore Community High School (even though one of the assailants is 20 years old!) . Here is the racial breakdown of the school's student body:

Black -- 89%
White -- 7%
Hispanic -- 3%
Other -- 1%

The story doesn't mention the race of the victim (obviously white) or the race of the attackers (all black), but there are pictures.

This dreary stuff is hardly newsworthy, but despite the weariness it is necessary to publicize these more typical acts of violent criminality when they are in close proximity to the man-bites-dog stories that garner major media attention and sensationalization.


Jokah Macpherson said...

Does anyone fall for this not mentioning the race thing anymore? Every comment thread I see on these kinds of stories gets carpet bombed with people calling out the nonsense. I don't understand why the media still keeps up the charade.

Or am I just vastly overestimating how many people notice?

David said...

On a linked story from WBAL they have pictures of all the "teens" aka "youths", so a modicum of honesty is present.

Dundalk was a working class white community when I was young but I guess it's transitioning from slightly dysfunctional to west African levels of depravity.

sykes.1 said...

Fortunately, these "teens" are heavily segregated, and interactions with whites are minimal. The real problem is not the "teens" but the few whites stranded in the bantustans. We need some sort of rescue mission to bring the whites to safety.