Monday, March 02, 2015

Duh, a challenge I could do!

From the Washington Post, via Derb, a glimpse at the kind of conditioning young American military personnel are undergoing. In response to a video arguing that the three most destructive words a boy hears growing up are "be a man":
[A second-year midshipman responded that] "when someone says, ‘Be a man,’ the alternative to not being a man is kind of being a female, being a woman.” He said that implies women--including their own female classmates at the academy--are not as strong as men. “That’s a lot of the root causes of all these things,” he said. “That’s wrong.”

“That was awesome. That was fantastic. Great point,” said Joshua Malone, 21, a fourth-year midshipman from New York. He was one of two peer educators leading the session.
I suppose in the emasculated, androgynous environment that is the contemporary state of the US armed forces, the word "wrong", in the primary definitional sense of describing something that is evil or wicked, is probably exactly what academy administrators are aiming for.

Of course, the assertion that there is something factually incorrect about pointing out that men are stronger than women is blatantly untrue. That the discussion leader encouraged this bullshit tells you everything you need to know about the sorry psychological state of America's military establishment.

Razib Khan points to a study showing that the very strongest female athletes are about at parity with the physical strength of the average male (as measured by grip strength, which is a good measure since it's not widely 'trained and so serves as a great proxy for innate anchor strength). The strength of the average woman puts her below the 10th percentile of the average man.

We don't have to turn to scientific studies or even infinite personal anecdotes to see this--the US military itself concedes as much! The minimum number of pushups required of men aged 17-21 to pass the army basic training physical fitness test is 35. For women in the same age range, that number is 11.


Dan said...

You have to pay the Jizya to the PC religion.

That said, Gnon stomps around the military unimpeded by the incantations which these shamans recite.

When the military requires so much less of the women than the men, they codify the truth of Gnon. Day one at boot camp, inequality is broadcast loud and clear.

A truly emasculated environment would be to set the pushup requirement for men to 11 in order to avoid making women look bad, requiring flabbiness for all.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to do away with pushups. I know many women who can't even do one.

The last thing I need to see is a military that makes people feel bad for not making the grade. Especially if they are women.

Also, many women do not like being yelled at. It makes them cry. I don't think men should be yelled at either since this implies men can take more abuse than women. This is wrong.

The military should be about co-operation, good feelings and sharing. Not macho posturing.

- Apollyon

Audacious Epigone said...


Unfortunately that's far more likely than the meritocratic solution: Increasing the required pushup count for women to at parity with the male requirement.

Disparate impact for eternity.

Chris W said...

About push-ups,

I ( male 5'8" tall) weigh about 195 lbs - just a little above average for a man - and when I do push ups with my hands on a scale, it shows my arms are lifting 125lbs

that is about 65% of my weight that I am lifting while doing push ups.

when I do push-ups it is as if I was bench-pressing 125 lbs

but the average woman weighs less than the average man, thus 65% of her weight is less for her than for a man.

so not only are we asking them to only do 11 push-ups but the weight they are lifting is lighter.

the average woman is about what? 145 lbs? that means that when doing push-ups she is only lifting off the ground about 95 lbs.

( if she is 115 lbs she is only lifting 74 lbs...)

if she had to lift 125 lbs like I do she could do only maybe 3 or 4 push-ups...while men are asked to do 35

my point is that that push-up thing does not tell the whole story

-women are even weaker than push-up tests reveal

-we are way more "lenient" towards women than that push-up thing may have us believe.