Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mexico beats Argentina by slim margin despite Slim factor

A few points worth remarking on from a Pew report gauging public opinion on the subjects of inequality, optimal economic systems, and the like in a host of countries:

- Of the 44 countries where the survey was conducted, residents of only one, Argentina, have a less favorable view of "a free market economy" than Mexicans do. While I'd naively guess a Peronist history would push people towards free market principles rather than away from them, Carlos Slim provides a ringing endorsement of capitalism rivaling that of Russia's rapacious post-Soviet oligarchy, so I guess it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Yet more indisputable evidence that Mexicans are "natural conservatives".

- From the forthcoming book 2041, who controls the future controls the present; who controls the present controls the past. Europe and its diaspora are in the past. Rather than being exceptional, the US is merely a step or two behind the Old Continent. Prepare to be controlled by the overlords of the future. We collectively see the writing on the wall:

- Across the 44 countries surveyed, there is no statistically significant relationship (.14, p-value = .37) between the expressed concern among residents about economic inequality in their countries and the actual amount of inequality, as measured by the gini coefficient, in those same countries. Environment obviously isn't everything. Human populations are culturally and biologically different from one another, and those differences have consequences.

- Speaking of income inequality, East Asia doesn't care much about it. The median percentage across countries sans East Asia identifying the "gap between the rich and the poor" as a big problem is over 60%. It's 55% in South Korea, 28% in Japan, and 42% in China. As the center of international power appears to be shifting towards the Orient, it's a happy coincidence that the American mainstream right and culturally Marxist left both don't care much about it, either!


IHTG said...

Do you have any idea what's currently happening to Argentina's economy? The country is a mess.

Dan said...

I'm not ready to write off the west yet.

You get a few city states like Singapore and oil kingdoms like Saudi Arabia that are up there, but Japan at number 27 is the first asian country that's not an oil kingdom or a city state. And it is not exactly a newcomer.

The US at number 10 is number one among nations that are not city-states and/or oil kingdoms.

I notice that Eastern Europe, after a long Communist winter, is now holding its own in the world:

38 Slovenia 28,512
39 Czech Republic 27,347
40 Slovakia 26,616
41 Estonia 26,052
43 Lithuania 25,374
46 Russia 24,298
48 Poland 23,273
49 Hungary 23,236

That is a huge number of European people that have come very far, very fast.

Compare this with:

89 China 11,868

126 India 5,450

127 Vietnam 5,295

Dan said...

China is apparently behind still behind South Africa on a per capita basis. Interesting, no?

(South Africa at 53 million has an enormous population, so its not like it cheats with natural resources across a small population.)

Anonymous said...

As long as we remain passive, we'll pay the price of passivity. That we're out of money and life as a rent free utility is ending is a blessing.

We'll fight or die. It's as just as anything else in this world, moreso than most.


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Audacious Epigone said...


The last decade has been an a mess of state intervention, nationalization, and wild currency fluctuation. Superficially it doesn't seem that different from what happened throughout the country in much of the 20th century, but I'm obviously no expert.


There is a lot of ruin in nation. Maybe a renaissance, too. Here's to hoping. (There's a lot of ruin in South Africa, too!).


Captcha shouldn't waste as much of your time now. Glad you appreciate the improvement.

Dan said...

Hope springs eternal!

But realistically, many groups can reach achievement peaks long after a demographic peak.

For example, Jewish wealth and influence has been extraordinarily high in the US in the last several decades even as the proportion of the population that is Jewish has declined. Parsis in India manage to influence despite being a mere zillionth of their population.

America continues to confound by continuing to grow and not collapse. The budget deficit is $450 billion, but if you have an inflation rate of 2.5%, then you have a steady state. It cheats savers if the 10 year yields less than that, but stealing by rate suppression is mathematically legitimate if not morally so.

Dysgenic fertility may be moderating in America and at least a portion of our immigration is highly skilled.

Gun rights in America are de-facto permanent, since the number of private guns exceeds the population and local bans result in something like a 1% recovery rate.

Free speech seems to be alive and well, thanks to a vigorous blogosphere that scoops the mainstream media pretty much constantly now.

Trust in media and institutions is low, which I count as another win.

Merry Christmas, Epigone.

Audacious Epigone said...

Okay Dan, what's the release date for We Are Not Doomed?

We'll put as always, and merry Christmas to you and your wonderful brood.

Audacious Epigone said...

Well put*, typing on an iPad is nightmarish for me.