Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A tale of two tragedies

For accosting a criminal brazenly disregarding the law and then acting in accordance to police training and protocol, a white police officer's fatal act of self defense is immediately regarded as an exhibit of murderous white racism by the major media and its race-hustling and guilt-tripping comrades. Despite any empirical evidence supporting such vicious accusations, those holding the megaphones maintained the false narrative for months, vociferously calling for the innocent officer's blood and a corresponding indictment of middle class white America. That the whole thing was a tendentious, mendacious pile of steaming bullshit matters not to the monsters sitting in prominent 'civil rights' organizations and Manhattan newsrooms.

In contrast, a white man--ahem, excuse me, a "Bosnian" (who had spent most of his life in the US and was indistinguishably assimilated into mainstream American culture as his facebook profile illustrates)--who was the target of a vicious, unprovoked attack by blacks and possibly browns is bludgeoned to death in front of his fiancee. According to witnesses and accompanying video footage, the feral gang shouted "kill the white people" as they tried to kill one white guy and then successfully killed another. Yet less than 24 hours after the attack occurred--in the shadow, both figuratively and literally, of the aforementioned incident no less--Establishment forces were breathlessly asserting that the murder had nothing, NOTHING!, to do with race or ethnicity.

With no evidence of racial animus, or even criminality for that matter, a middle class white guy bravely doing his job becomes public enemy number one. With suggestions of racial malice and very obvious criminal activity of the deadliest sort, the motives of savage 'youths' are instantaneously whitewashed (boo!). Their existence barely registers on the public's radar for paucity of national attention.

The emperor isn't even wearing a loincloth anymore. If you don't think the Establishment despises middle class, conventional white America, you're simply not paying attention.


Zazzou said...

Bosnians aren't white.

Anonymous said...

Obuddo ain't black

Dan said...

I was stuck watching Anderson Cooper last night at the gym, since I couldn't change the channel without bothering the staff.

I am struck by how utterly inferior that man is his forebears in the news media. He spent 30 minutes on the question of whether the stepdad of Michael Brown should be indicted for inciting a riot. They show the dad shouting 'burn this shit down' and then they say an innane thing or two. And then they go back and play the clip again and then have a couple of talking heads. They got Dan Bongino on to say yes he should be indicted, and then played the vid again. And then someone who said the case to indict the dad is weak and then they played the vid again. And again and again.

So f'ing lazy.

Bongino should have said in Anderson Cooper's face that Anderson Cooper should be indicted for inciting a riot. But Bongino has a family to support and needs these gigs.

Tenet said...

Zazzou, yes, Bosnians are White. Not the best of Whites, definitely not - no country is improved by adding people from the Balkans. But the Blacks who attacked him did so because they saw someone who looked White. Don't be a 'sperg focusing on side issues that don't disprove the main point.

Anonymous said...

This will continue to happen until whites grow a pair.

Audacious Epigone said...


Compare the Bosnia-Herzegovina basketball team with the US olympic team. Not white at all.