Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rage Against the Progress

The title of an op-ed piece in the Washington Post inadvertently nails it: Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.

This is the same progress we saw in Hispaniola as it its western half became Haiti and in southern Rhodesia as it became Zimbabwe--once sub-Saharan Africa's breadbasket and now a net importer of food despite well over half of its gainfully employed population working in agriculture (the regressive United States, in contrast, is a net exporter of food even though only 2% of its population works on the farm). It's the same progress we're now seeing in South Africa and have seen in the so many other American cities over the last several decades, none more saliently than Detroit. All across the globe the consequences of such venerable progress are as dreary as they are predictable.

A generation ago, Ferguson was a relatively affluent, safe, functional middle class American suburb. Naturally, it was then predominately white (85%). Over the last few decades it has progressed towards its ultimate future as a blighted, impoverished, dangerous, dysfunctional underclass welfare slum. Naturally, it is now predominately black (70% and growing).

Whites rage against this just as they've raged against slavery, animal cruelty, capital punishment, religious intolerance, ozone depletion, and all the other uniquely WEIRD societal concerns that non-European descended nations don't care much about. Fortunately, Euros--who constituted 25% of the world's population in 1950--are steadily shrinking as a percentage of the population. At the turn of the millennium, they had dropped to around 16% and by mid-century it is estimated will represent just 10% of the globe's human inhabitants. So cheers to the diminution of whites and all their rage--the future looks very vibrant indeed!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can only really act in defense of my own, and those are American.

Blogging, talking, writing and now Voting are not ACTING.

Obama for instance ACTS.

So if you're going to lay down and die, or worse have children on who's behalf you don't act but punt it to them, perhaps it should be done silently.


Audacious Epigone said...


Not intentionally. It doesn't look any different than normal in chrome or safari. What browser are you using?


Some men are Catos, some are Caesars, some Ciceros, and sometimes circumstances push men from one to another.

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fwiw, I've noticed the same issues as Szopeno. I use Safari.

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Better now?

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Still? I'll dig into the html if it won't fit on the screen now. I want the sidebar at the bottom, but I readers should be able to see the width of a post without scrolling to the right.

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I can see the width of the post now so it looks like the problem is solved. If the sidebar is at the it still a sidebar?

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Anonymous said...

You imply that the White population of our planet is around 15% today. These kinds of discussions quickly become very...difficult.

I wonder what you'd consider the number of Whites in the USA in the mid-2010s here. The Census counts just under 200 million White Non-Hispanics, but allegedly includes some millions of racially/culturally marginal people(s), like Turks, Arabs, and Jews. Disentangling the number of true White-Hispanics is also difficult.