Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Channeling Barabbas

The facebook status (with nearly 100 'likes' in less than a day) of a pretty well-adjusted, friendly black college girl I know, who has lived an unbroken affluent existence all her life:
I don't think I've ever posted about equality, but tonight I just have a lot on my mind. My heart is heavy for those of you who believe that this is an equal country. Of course, until you've had your rights stolen and felt absolutely insignificant because of the color of your skin, I wouldn't expect you to think any differently. My friends I leave you with this... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -Martin Luther King Jr
This was subsequent to the public release of all the evidence served to and then masticated and digested by the grand jury. That there is no evidence to justify indictment doesn't matter. Presumption of innocence does not register, either. A substantial part of the black population is simply unassimilable to the idea that the rule of law should be the state's paramount guiding principle. This alone renders the Propositional Nation as a thing that is inevitably destined for failure.

A guy I used to play basketball regularly with and who once helped extricate me from a very tenuous situation I'd put myself in as on overly competitive white guy in a pickup game in one of the crappiest places in the city illustrates a lower-brow iteration of the same sentiment displayed above:
I see you, i hear you! What's gonna change tomorrow, a week from now or months on in, years, decades? We gonna unify, we gonna fight, are you willing? When is enough, enough? When its you or a family member!? No Malcolm X, no Black Panthers, No Marcus Gravey! Leaders we need that. If it was a civil war divided by race we would be on the losing side right now. Black business, black owners, black environment, black economy. Weapons and a line of defense would only be a small factor. They cant live without us, hit they ass where it hurt. Unity is that first step. But im just talking cause niggas dont know how to unite and i bet they thinking the same. We have to prove them wrong!
Diversity has been a disaster, but there's no practical way to put the cat back in the bag. Secession and procreation strike me as the only two serious antidotes against the slow but steady death of the Western white middle class.

Kudos to Robert McCulloch and the grand jury for refusing to play the role of contemporary Pontius Pilates. Good to see that, at least in some fortuitous cases, a person still has to commit a crime or at the least be derelict in his duty to be indicted for wrongdoing. The miscreants with signs calling for life imprisonment or worse are really, really sick people.

Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter. Mixing metaphors horribly, this putative victory is a Pyrrhic one that changes nothing beyond possibly making a few more white American frogs aware of the boilers they're sitting in as a result of an abrupt increase in heat the conflagrations that took place in Ferguson last night caused.


Anonymous said...

i think the best thing that could happen is for elite blacks or liberal whites to have their own children in classrooms with ghetto blacks. I have seen it happen. I student taught a white liberal professor's daughter. For "buffering" reasons, we sat her next to a ghetto black. The professor's daughter was tormented, and Mother emphatically requested that her daughter be moved. If all these elites had their own children interact with the michael browns, we would see of lot less of this ass kissing.

Audacious Epigone said...


Unfortunately so much of what these same elites fight for is the ability to keep their kids away from ghetto blacks. For thee but not for me.

bleach said...

The effect of "making a few more white American frogs aware of the boilers" should not be underrated. I have been very surprised at the sorts of things I have heard from people I know casually over the last week. The "fuck you whitey" stereo effect coming from Obama's executive.order, followed by the riotous calls for "justice" from America's most barbarously unlawful race (including, of course, from "our" President), has been too loud for even the average fat American to ignore. Fissures are widening.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean that's all that can be done?

I'm starting to realize that today's New Right are yesterday's Rockefeller Republicans in terms of being men first, governing second. You're Liberals who despair of problems fixing themselves and give up. Well yes, no problem fixes itself. This one is the closest you'll ever get, put foot down, cut off checks and bad behavior radically decreases.

And Secede? Secede where? With WHO? You can't secede from yourselves. Wherever you are, that place is undefended.


Audacious Epigone said...


I'm cautiously optimistic--for lack of a better term--that you're right.


The US is way, way too big, and as Jayman never tires of pointing out, regionalism is an important force in the behaviors and attitudes of the various Americas.

sandwich man said...

Wow you're right that this destroys the idea of a proposition nation - what a good point.

I wonder whether the liberal true believers are feeling some discomfort, something not quite right about all of this. It shouldn't take two incidents for them to make a connection, to bring it to consciousness, but in everyday life it usually does. I almost wish for another Ferguson to make the penny drop for the larger population.