Friday, August 15, 2014

When the girl who first he kissed promised him she'd be his

Heartiste, turning his powers of perspicacity on what may be an emerging bifurcation in the sexual culture of these formerly united states, makes one factual error in so doing. Its impact on his broader argument is marginal, but it is worth considering:
Some sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, but teen sex is down (while teen pregnancy is up *head scratch*).
Fortunately, teen pregnancy has been steadily declining over at least the last couple of decades:

In a sort of propitious reworking of the observation that the white illegitimacy rate today is as high as the black illegitimacy rate was upon the publication of Moynihan's famous report on the dissolution of the negro family, the black teenage birth rate today is on par with the white teenage birthrate of a generation ago. Progress need not always take away what forever took to find.


BehindTheLines said...

It looks like the welfare reform of the mid 90's did a lot of good. Thanks, Newt.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Yeah I kind of did a head scratch on my own reading his post since I was familiar with agnostic's "Your generation was sluttier" series from the old Gene Expression. Not sure what his source was for that one.