Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson, Michael Brown, and White Privilege

My response on social media to a piece that would make Tim Wise blush.


This is a pretty sick illustration of ethnomasochism, but that is the ecumenical religion of the contemporary Western white leftist, so one shouldn't be particularly surprised. Still, it almost seems like a parody. I say that because the four examples she gives--the Rodney King beating, the OJ Simpson trial, the Jena Six, and Trayvon Martin--are suboptimal examples for the writer to use to make her putative point. They are all blatant examples of really bad black behavior on display. The Rodney King case is the only one that is legally ambiguous--OJ Simpson was obviously guilty, the Jena Six were violent, racially-motivated thugs who were protected because of their athletic prowess, and the actual narrative of events in the Trayvon Martin case made it clear that under no stretch of the imagination could the American legal system convict George Zimmerman of criminal wrongdoing. Ferguson might turn out to be a different (ie, legitimate) story, but I don't think that's where the smart money is.

Blacks commit violent crimes, including murder, against whites at rates 40 times greater than whites commit against blacks each year in the US. That ratio has more-or-less held in place for at least the last few decades according to both FBI UCR data and crime victimization survey data. Black ACT and SAT scores carry an applicant farther than Hispanic scores do, which carry farther than white scores do, which carry farther than Asian scores do.

Relatedly, the mean IQ gap between whites and blacks has stayed remarkably constant for at least a century, at just over one standard deviation. And apparently white privilege, as propitious a thing as it is, is inferior to Asian or especially Ashkenazi Jewish privilege. Curious thing.

And then there's post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa, which by virtually every measure is faring worse than it was when it was imperially managed by Europeans. Rhodesia used to be Africa's breadbasket. Zimbabwe, well, not so much. Maybe colonialism was just a lot harder on Africans than it was on Indians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Hongkongers, Americans, Canadians, Australians, and on and on and on. If someone is able to name a municipality that is both majority-African administered and majority-African populated without being plagued by the problems that are common to Detroit, Haiti, and the Congo, do share.

Keep choking the golden goose and eventually it will die. In 1950, people of European descent comprised 25% of the world's population. By the turn of the century, it had dropped to 16%, and by 2050 it'll be under 10%. I suppose then social justice can finally be realized, Rwandan-style.


Anonymous said...

The Media must be stopped from controlling the conversation. I suggest 2 steps on this for either race or sex distractions, which is all this is. It's distraction so the ruin and looting of the nation can proceed. 1] SMACK something decisively definitive either factual ugly or flat out we don't care, it's OUR culture/sex/skin. Fuck you, and that's reciprocating what you've been giving us all along. We give you nothing now. 2] then point out it's time for the TV to stop setting out the daily agenda.

The media can't be allowed to continue to control the agenda. The objective is to change that by whatever it takes. If it it takes Heil Hitler and rape should be legal especially in marriage, then smack 'em with that.

I will tell you that you are all simply repeating the conservative errors of the past since at least William F. Buckley by resorting to facts, reason, and worst mistake is civility. I suggest barely veiled thuggish violence [if you're a mail you were born this way, it's not so hard] and open sneering contempt.

I suppose this could be phrased as it's time to "game" other men. Or males. If you're done fucking skanks and bragging about it, that is...


Anonymous said...


"[if you're a male..]

we would hate to enter the Dark Ages with typo's, what kind of example does that set...

Audacious Epigone said...


I'm not the one who would have you strangled in front of the mob, man. I understand the putative futility of playing by the rules when the Cathedral doesn't, but honestly I find the mainstream right doesn't resort to facts or reason when it comes to human biodiversity. It's a really small, marginalized contingent that does it.

My healthy, devoted, loving and motherly wife is not a "skank". Demographics matter more than any of those other considerations. I will brag that we just found out this week that we have another one on the way, though.

Jokah Macpherson said...

You are way too subtle but congratulations on the new one on the way.