Sunday, August 03, 2014

And your little dog, too

The ghastly murders and despicable evasion of the death penalty enjoyed by the Carr brothers in Wichita are things many people who live in Kansas--let alone the rest of the country--aren't even aware of (unless they listen to Radio Derb, something everyone should be doing), despite the fact that the demographics of the murderers and the murdered are far, far more representative of crime trends in the US than high profile cases like the Trayvon Martin killing are.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength. The Carr victims were middle class white twenty-somethings, so they had it coming to them. If there was any social justice in this world we'd dig them all up and shoot them again!

For those to whom no amount of implicity can succeed in communicating a point, here are the totally unsurprising visages of the animals we've all been paying to keep alive for over a decade now:


Anonymous said...

whenever they show these subhumans in our KS paper or on the news, one of them wears scholarly eyeglasses to look less dangerous. the pretrial testimony of their crimes is horrific - it can be read at

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Maddie McCann and the hate her disappearance stirred up against the swarthy Portuguese.

The McCanns were wealthy, white middle class professionals who left their kids at home whilst abroad just to go drinking - and they left the door open.

Had they been black, or working at McDonalds, or gone out to get stoned, public opinion would be very different.

outsider said...

Many blacks are implacable killers, death personified, but most whites are their implacable enablers, and that is somehow a thousand times scarier.