Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love is love

Saw this in the form of a facebook profile picture. You've probably seen some variation of it out there, as several iterations of the message exist (and no, I definitely couldn't resist):

Simple as that? Presumably, then, as simple as each of these?

Only two years until menarche!

Being the hidebound retrograde that I am, it's difficult to shake the sinking feeling that during our lifetimes, stick figure silhouette versions of all of these photos will end up alongside the four pairs shown on the bumper sticker above--without an ounce of satire intended.


BehindTheLines said...

With the important exception of the children, so what? If someone wants to have sex with a tractor, sheep, or three women, that's not my business.

If you don't like the libertarian argument, think of this: When straight relationships were the only ones allowed, people with other tastes had to marry and have kids. Now they marry their cow, and won't pass on their genes. Selection for straitness will become more intense.

Audacious Epigone said...


I sympathize. It's fun to shake smug leftists out of their presumed morally superior posturing, though.

Abortion and same-sex marriage surely do have Darwinian consequences.

Dan said...

A major experiment indeed.

To me the major question will be whether millenials and beyond manage to sustain the birthrate.

Nature says love is about reproduction, and nature plays a long game.

If an entire population agrees that love is not about reproduction, nature says, that's cool. I'll just find other populations.

Dan said...

I don't think it is correct to presume that homosexuality will be driven out by evolution, because human sexuality is heavily based on imprinting.

I am turned on by East Asian women and certain articles of clothing for example. There can't be a genetic attraction to what didn't exist for my ancestors, obviously. Those attractions can only have gotten there by associations earlier in this life, e.g. by imprinting.

Surely imprinting is a major part of the homosexuality puzzle. Of course scientists are not on the trail because modern 'science' has little to do with the pursuit of truth.

I wonder if the sidelining of NAMBLA, America's first gay organization (true, begun in the 1970s), for political reasons, could actually reduce the incidence of gay imprinting. I don't know first hand, but given just what has come out in terms of the Catholic church and boys' schools and more, my sense is that gay pederasty was pretty big.

Maybe giving them gay 'marriage' in exchange for taking away pederasty is actually a net societal positive.