Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Judas you don't hear much about

While listening to a podcast on the history of the papacy (hosted by a guy who sounds like a cross between Clark Howard and Tyler Cowen--it's an acquired audible taste, but he's quite likable once you become accustomed to it), I wondered what the GSS could tell us about the clergy and their (a)theistic beliefs.

Turns out not a whole lot definitively, other than being able to point out the lack of evidence for much cynicism. From a sample size of 48, 47 say they "know God really exists and I have no doubts about it", while the 48th choose the response "while I have doubts, I feel that I do believe in God". Not many atheists or agnostics operating behind enemy lines.

GSS variables used: GOD, OCC80(176, 177)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

More whites on food stamps than blacks and Hispanics combined!

Below are selected hatefacts from Pew's recent statistical portrait on racial groups in the US. Because Pew is an empirically-driven, mostly honest and respectable organization, I'll add my own color commentary on the data to redirect the hate away from Pew and towards myself. Cross-bearer, I know, I know. For brevity's sake, all groups are non-Hispanic unless otherwise indicated.

Non-white groups are growing at rates orders of magnitude greater than are whites--that's hardly news to anyone. Even in absolute terms, though, their growth dwarfs whites. If the country was comprised entirely of the net increase in those who've joined it since 2000, we'd be living in a nation that was 54.6% Hispanic, 16.1% Asian, 14.9% black, 8.5% white, and 6.0% other. Of course, today's newbies are tomorrow's middle America. As Tim Wise warns, whitey, "your time is limited".

Some might say the inverting white age pyramid is somehow unhealthy because it indicates that whites aren't even replacing themselves (let alone being fruitful and multiplying), there are too many retirees and not enough worker bees, cynical etc, cynical etc. But if we imagine these graphs instead to be the silhouettes of actual people, well, whites look more v-sculpted/voluptuous than Hispanics, who are more beer-gutted/pear-shaped, do.

Who says later generations of immigrants aren't assimilating? As Steve Sailer has previously noted, they are doing quite well assimilating towards black norms of behavior.

Parenthetically, yellow privilege.

To refer to America's Hispanic immigrant population as "peasants" or "peons", as if either term is an apt characterization to use in describing the lot of them, is grossly unfair. Heck, only half of those aged 25 and older lack a high school education!

Parenthetically, a college degree is to an Asian what a high school degree is to a Hispanic. Yellow privilege #2.

No wonder wants to increase America's labor supply--there are too many blacks making over $20,000 a year! Hispanics--native- and foreign-born alike--aren't so uppity or avaricious.

Parenthetically, Asian love of mammon really is disgusting. Yellow privilege #3. Yuck.

More whites receive food stamps than do blacks and Hispanics combined. See, just because I want to dismantle the welfare state doesn't mean I'm racist! Bill O'Reilly smiled. And how can you say that we already have an active reparations program in place--welfare--when fewer than 1-in-3 blacks are on the food dole (well, unless you count WIC, but even then it's not quite half of 'em)?

Parenthetically, like the progressive tax structure, Asians benefit less from food stamps than whites do. Illustration of white structural racism #517,890,143.

There is no surer way to reduce the number of people who lack health insurance coverage than to import millions and millions of uninsured peasants gauchos into the country. More young people to pay into the Obamacare system--that is, after all, exactly what we need!

If I hadn't just been graduating from high school when George Bush was pushing the ownership society thing, I think I could've saved him (and the country he putatively led) a lot of trouble by suggesting that instead of cozying up to reckless lenders and the clueless peasants dreamers they lent to, he focus instead on enforcing the nation's already existing immigration laws. Instead of Favreau, I might have been the 21st century's best known political wunderkind! Alas, a day late and a dollar short.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mom's generation was sluttier than yours

++Addition++Heartiste replies:
i mentioned in a previous post on this matter that relatively recent sex frequency decreases, if true, could be just as easily explained by environmental factors such as obesity and internet porn as by cycles inherent to human generational dynamics. it's plausible that fat women and readily accessible alternative sexual outlets have dampened men's ardor and commitment to courtship. (likewise it's plausible the same has happened to women surrounded by a sea of male feminists and economic drop-outs.) let's face it, men don't want to bang fatties if they have a choice. with 70% of american women above ideal weight, men are "going their own way" so to speak. 
of course, it's certainly possible that these environmental insults amplify any cyclic influences.

ps i also suggested that the sexual market in the usa was bifurcating, with urban swpls enjoying a full prance card and the rural/suburban religious becoming more chaste.
The comment I left in response to a recent post by Heartiste in which the great one expresses incredulity at consistent survey reports showing that Western women aren't becoming more promiscuous and, to the contrary, might actually be becoming more prudish.


The urban, SWPL social milieu you frequent in combination with your silver tongue, rock-ribbed frame and rock-solid body targeting 8-10s quite likely gives you a skewed perception of the wider dating market that might not scale especially well to the rest of the country, Occident, developed world, etc.

Some counterpoints to consider:

- Reports of premarital [Heartiste argues that the decline in marriage rates means it is quite plausible for rates of sexual frequency to decline even as average number of partners a woman has increases] sex rates for 15-19 year-olds began steadily increasing from the 70s through the end of the 80s, peaking in 1991. Rates have been decreasing since then.

- The 1950s to 2010s comparison is interesting, but not especially relevant to the University of London study cited in the article linked to, which looked at data over just the last couple of decades (though marriage rates have steadily declined over the last twenty years as well, so the difference is only in degree, not direction). That survey data meshes pretty well with what the GSS shows, incidentally.

- Gonorrhea rates follow a similar pattern, increasing in the mid-40s and then declining through the end of the 50s at which point they began increasing again until the mid-70s when they peaked and then declined through the late 90s, and having leveled off since leveled off.

- Likewise with herpes, which isn't medically treatable--went up through the 70s and 80s, peaked in the early 90s, and has been declining since then.

- Also, GSS data from 2000 onward among those aged 18-44 shows that NAMs report having more sex than whites do (though Asians report less). So the white decrease in surveys like these is probably understated.

- Regarding social expectation bias, it has, if anything, presumably shifted attitudes in a direction leaving today's women feeling less shame and embarrassment in reporting high numbers of partners and sex frequency than their counterparts would've felt in the past.


GSS variables used: SEXFREQ, YEAR(2000-2012), RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10)(15-16), AGE(18-44)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Word war

Calling for reinforcements to the battlefield that is Urban Dictionary.

Definitions are ranked (and thus made visible) by simply taking the number of positive votes a definition receives and subtracting from it the number of negative votes it receives. In other words, it's not based on a ratio of positive-to-negative votes. Every affirmation counts!

If you feel so inclined, go offer your virtual support to the following: SWPL, the Cathedral, NAM (we're fighting against a certain Cold War-era conflict on this one), HBD (second definition--this one really needs help as there is a concerted campaign to knock it down, so feel free to vote down the definition currently in front of it), and the newest submission, Dark Enlightenment (put together by generously borrowing from the Derb and misdreavus).

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amorality of selected countries

Pew recently released a report entitled "Global Views on Morality" in which respondents in 40 countries were queried on the morality of eight traditional 'values'-related issues: Infidelity, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol usage, divorce, and contraception. Respondents categorized each of them as morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not moral issues at all.

The following table ranks countries by the amorality of their denizens. The percentages who labelled each of the eight issues as not being moral are simply summed for each country:

1. France388
2. Canada353
3. Australia304
4. Spain298
5. Great Britain296
6. United States269
7. Germany264
8. Italy249
9. Greece219
10. Israel215
11. Poland193
12. Japan182
13. China177
14. South Korea172
15. Senegal170
16. Argentina163
17. Czech Republic158
18. Chile155
18. Mexico155
20. Lebanon137
21. Jordan130
22. South Africa124
23. Egypt117
24. Brazil106
24. Kenya106
26. Nigeria104
26. Turkey104
28. Russia101
29. Malaysia98
30. India94
31. Palestinian territories92
32. Venezuela88
33. Bolivia82
33. Philippines82
35. El Salvador68
36. Tunisia66
37. Uganda65
38. Indonesia49
39. Ghana29
39. Pakistan29

What Jonathan Haidt terms "WEIRD" societies (read the modern West) tend to the least judgmental, followed by East Asia and the more European nations of Latin America, with sub-Saharan African and Muslim countries the most morally righteous (!). Descartes wept.

Okay, it's tough to employ the phrase "morally righteous" here without scoffing. These are traditional moral issues whose relevance stretches back millenia into the past--the average Roman living in the reign of Augustus would recognize and have an opinion on all of them as would a builder of the pyramids before him or the subject of the Angevins after him would. A good contemporary SWPL, in contrast, feels that expressing much of an opinion on them is a telltale sign that someone is not a member of the Elect. It evinces a level of cultural sophistication befitting a troglodyte.

The historically novel moral concerns of the Cathedral--most firmly rooted in the West--are quite different, but the Cathedral is scarcely less certain of the rightness of its values than the Caliphate is. In some cases, like infidelity and gambling, it's not that the Cathedral and the Umma are on opposing sides, it's that the former doesn't recognize what the latter does as moral concerns at all. They are merely behaviors people choose to engage in or abstain from. From the Cathedral's view, there is more morality wrapped up in the question of smoking a cigarette than there is in several of these issues.

Homosexuality is the only real exception among the eight items Pew evaluated, and the homosexual rights movement is largely galvanized by opposition to opposition to homosexuality. It's anti-anti-gay, as the visceral hate directed at the late Fred Phelps so frequently illustrated, rather than a special fondness for same-sex intimacy that makes the movement attractive.

Parenthetically, the inverse correlation between amorality and total fertility is a moderate .45 (p = .0000000000001). That is, amoral countries do less breeding than morally judgmental countries do. Not surprising, although before running the numbers I would've guessed it to be a bit stronger than it appears to be.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Racist anti-racists in education

Pew Research recently published a post entitled "More Hispanics, blacks enrolling in college, but lag in bachelor’s degrees".

The titular description says it all. Educational romanticism, and the consequent student loan 'crisis' it has fostered, hurts NAMs--especially blacks--more than it hurts ice people. Among those who are not of collegiate material but who chase college degrees anyway, blacks don't live as long as non-blacks do (they have fewer years to squander), they physically mature faster than members of other races do (they can be productive in the job market earlier than non-blacks can be), and they are the ones more often getting sold a bill of goods by not only failing to obtain BAs at white rates, but earning less valuable ones when they do get BAs.

Educational romanticism is Good. Racism is, of course, bad. Yet educational romanticism appears to be racist. I'm a hopeless case.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The song that Jane doesn't like

The importance of the ultimate questions--who? whom?--gets hammered home in a Seattle Times story (via Steve Sailer):
The female marijuana plant, sold for its sticky psychoactive chemicals, is where the value lies in the pot industry [to all you misogynists out there who delight in pointing out that mosquitoes provide a valuable lesson for men, put that in your pipe and smoke it!].

But the industry has long been dominated by men and can be crassly sexist, particularly in underground pot commerce. Women are relegated to supporting roles and sometimes blatantly viewed as sex objects, according to a study published this year. 
Initiative 502 in Washington sought to close the gender gap at the polls by having women appeal to women in campaign ads. “Women are the secret weapon in this business,” said Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “Now that women are really starting to become involved in marijuana reform, you see people listening.” 
Men are more likely than women to use pot, according to surveys and polls.
I'm left unsure of whether marijuana is Good or is Evil. The GSS shows that, with the notable exception of black men*, women and minorities are less supportive of legalization than white men are. The following table shows the percentages of respondents by race and sex who support marijuana legalization. For contemporary relevance all data are from 2000 onward:

Black men47.1%
White men45.8%
White women37.5%
Asian men34.8%
Hispanic men29.2%
Black women28.2%
Asian women27.2%
Hispanic women23.6%

I guess this is another illustrative example of the link between demographic and cultural changes. In this instance, though, the newcomers appear to be swimming against the tide of history. Legalization is coming. Parenthetically, black women need to get with the program. Legalization means fewer black men behind bars, which in turn means fewer black women unable to find a mate tonight!

My difficulty in discerning the moral of the story stems from the SWPL author's cognitive dissonance. Support for legalization is Good, the mark of a progressive, enlightened mind. However, pointing out the relatively hidebound, patriarchal curmudgeonry of women--especially non-white women--on the issue is Bad.

The best way to square the circle is by blaming female opposition to legalization on the masculine aspects of the weed industry. It's a Good idea that has been darkly hijacked--figuratively-speaking of course; the literal problem is in the hijackers' lightness--by Bad people (though mostly the less Bad of the Bad people) but with enough awareness raising, like the excerpted from Times' article, this ugly situation can be set straight.

Just when I think I have it figured out, though, I start second-guessing myself. The marijuana trade--over half of which originates south of the US border--is saturated in machismo culture. This intensifies my confusion because Hispanic = Good; Machismo = Bad (I think). After all, women and minorities are also less supportive of laws outlawing affirmative action in college admissions, hiring, and the like than white men are, and that situation is far less murky to me. Race preferences = Non-racist = Good; Race neutrality = Racist = Evil. Crystal clear.

Additionally, it seems unusual that such dirty laundry would be aired out publicly. Standard operating procedures are to ignore these sorts of embarrassing problems, as in the cases of things like environmentalism and re-electing Obama.

As a married heterosexual white father in red-state suburbia, rather than trying to navigate a brutal cultural minefield designed to pummel me as I earnestly yet unsuccessfully attempt it, I need a cover story. It would probably behoove me to spin a story about the gender confusion I've experienced that dates all the way back to my earliest inchoate memories. The cross I've bared is having to suffer having a child in the heteronormative way because my desire to cherish another human being was so strong that I took the only socially acceptable route open to me (red-state suburbia, remember!) and elected to hide my true nature instead of risk becoming a victim of a neo-Nazi terrorist attack on the transgender IVF donor clinic my LGBTTASXCVWEDZXBCXLUETQPA lover and I would've visited if the world we inhabited wasn't so full of Hate.

GSS variables used: GRASS, SEX, RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10)(15-16), YEAR(2000-2012)

* One might naively think the Times' reporter would've wanted to highlight the fact that black men are ahead of the curve on this one. A Good thing happening to a Good group--what's not to celebrate? Unfortunately, it risks confirming an ugly stereotype about the propensity of black men to engage in harmful and illegal activities, which is of course is beyond the pale Bad. 

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Diversity for diversity's sake

From the results of a poll conducted last year on affirmative action:
When Americans are asked the reason they support these [affirmative action] programs, by a wide margin more say diversity than making up for past discrimination. When given the choice between the two, 63 percent say they favor affirmative action programs in order to increase diversity, while just 24 percent say they support such programs to make up for past discrimination.
That "diversity for diversity's sake" has become firmly ensconced in the cultural fabric of the modern West is more depressing to me than is the desire, however misguided or quixotic, to right past wrongs and compensate for the sins of our fathers.