Sunday, February 02, 2014

The disUnited States of Babylon

But isn't it racist to lead off in English?


Anonymous said...

Frankly certain progs were ecstatic about 9/11. that's why they started singing folk songs and handing out peace flyers downtown.

If you weren't ready when they moved to put a mosque at ground zero...

Anonymous said...

This ad is a good example of their positive, "feel good" propaganda.

But the people who mouth these rainbow platitudes are often the same ones who will tell you that the European and majority American cultures are evil, that all whites are racist, and that the world will be a better place when we're gone.

The fact that we object to their platitudes (because we know the rest of the story) just proves how racist we are.

Jack Burton said...

No, it's not beautiful.

Northern Europeans, the founding stock of America, are beautiful.

A Northern European woman's voice singing in a classical European style about her native people, culture and country is beautiful.

An all-White America is beautiful.

Dark-skinned primitives gyrating are not beautiful.

Illegal invaders, mongrels, Mongoloids and other assorted Third World aliens in our country, and especially shown to have equal worth or often even greater worth than the founding stock, are not beautiful.

Interracial propaganda is not beautiful. It's pure evil. The Devil himself couldn't be more evil.

Whatever increases their market share they'll do. They'd sell their own mother for a buck.

It's war by other means.

Anonymous said...

It's to see how far they can push before someone pushes back.

But they will keep on pushing, quickly or slowly, until the White race is destroyed.

They are using our own altruism, which they do not possess, against us.