Saturday, February 15, 2014

I like Ike-Abdullah-bin-Abdulaziz-Al-Saud

Saudi Arabia has deported 250,000 illegal immigrants in the last several months (via the chickadee). The "Saudization" campaign has prodded over one million more to leave of their own volition, with that number expected to have doubled by year's end to two million. For every one illegal immigrant forcibly removed, another eight or so are voluntarily removing themselves.

If that ratio sounds eerily familiar to you, you're probably a crimethinker. More than half a century ago during Operation Wetback, within the San Antonio district of the repatriation program, INS apprehended 80,000 illegal aliens for deportation. Between 500,000-700,000 fled the US for Mexico on their own. Taking the middle of that range, for every one illegal immigrant forcibly removed, another seven or eight voluntarily removed themselves.

No, we can't deport the 12 million-plus illegals residing inside the US. Not unless we give them the Templar treatment, anyway. If we ever actually start to look like we're serious about enforcing our immigration laws and maintaining our national sovereignty, the vast majority will find the door long before we're able to show it to them.

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Anonymous said...

sadly, we'll just make mexico the 51st state. then puerto rico. & eventually central america. we should let them all in while we sneak south & claim mexico & central america as the new US. the ol' switcheroo. then put up some fences.

politically nobody wants to admit being against minorities (by which i mean against "future majorities")...

we can't keep letting them in AND giving them special favors/privileged status - aka allowing minorities with lower test scores to qualify for jobs & school slots -- no more bonus points. that might make this country livable again. also i'd encourage using the catch phrase "tough!" when the "underserved-less-privileged" groups whine.