Sunday, January 19, 2014

Half a minute of your time

I vaguely recall seeing this commercial a Super Bowl or two ago, but outside of the NFL I don't watch TV so I'm not sure if it's been hanging around for awhile or if it has recently been resurrected, but it serves a useful illustrative purpose that I won't skip over again. A sign of the cultural times, this one is:

Two SWPLy ice women set upon by a well-kept and attractive black man while indulging in vapid consumerism. Subsequent appearance by a senescent, rustic white geezer who fancies himself as funny but is really just pitifully risible. Black man paired with blonde white woman; goofy white guy paired with Asian woman. Everything you need to know about what's hot and what's not in contemporary America in 30 seconds.

Parenthetically, they could have inverted away from more common interracial patterning a la Disney to prevent a diversity twofer--the Asian woman--being indirectly mocked by way of association with the white guy. But what then? Either an Asian man gets the brunt or a white woman does. This isn't only unacceptable because of the conspicuous absence of a white male as a target. It's also rather unnecessary because Asian women are just on the second level of the grievance pyramid, sharing it with their co-ethnic menfolk and with white women, arguably precluded from enjoying perimeter rooms with window views, which are reserved for the Asian guys and the white women due to the substantial share of Asian ladies getting white men and their role as the too-competitive-with-our-own-SWPL-striplings-for-comfort Tiger Moms.

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