Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Uptalk valve

The ultimate in uptalk...

"I know, right?"

Seemingly ubiquitous and horribly conspicuous among people under thirty, its putative purpose is to show affirmation and agreement with an observation or statement made by another person. Yet at the same time, it is also a request that the other person validate said affirmation and agreement.

Not only does it evince an inability to make an assertion of one's own, it even shows an alarming level of uncertainty in simply being able to wholly agree with what someone else says.

Forget leaders, this generation struggles even to be followers!


Anonymous said...

Kids these days. Get off my F***ing lawn!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I think that has always been a majority approach. Believing what others believe has enormous survival value.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. People with insecure psychological structures are always looking for validation of their position.

Sheeple all look to each other for support, big surprise.

silly girl said...

What AVI said.

In a world where truth has no value, consensus is the only safety.


Anonymous said...

The "upward glide" at the end of factual declarative statements makes 'em sound like castrated pussies.

The starting of declarative sentences with "So,..." is an even bigger annoyance. You can find articles on the phenomenon.

Of late, I have noticed two additional things:

1.) BIG: The "nasal-isation" of the letter 't' - the word 'written' gets pronounced WRIHH-'n...forgotten becomes fer-GAHH-'n. No contact of tongue to upper dental region whatsoever. Direct influence of the undertow, quite possibly.

2.) Syntax/grammar: With each week that passes, I stumble across increasing levels of utterly incoherent English in blog comments and various "how to" pages. Reason: More computers across the third world (abroad) and also more computers in the Third World (by which I mean my country, the U.S.).

Anonymous said...

Sounds more non-committal. Definitely a sign of struggling to be a follower.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

I had never even noticed this vapid cultural phenomenon before reading AE's post. Now I hear it all the time. Thanks a lot, AE!

Alan Randolf said...

Does kylie sparks really need to be in that video?

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