Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Race and anarcho-tyranny

My knowledge of the world beyond my own front yard being inchoate at best upon Sam Francis' passing, my fellowship with the term "anarcho-tyranny" is superficial, but the contemporary popular portrayal of Racism in America seems like one illustration after another of soft anarcho-tyranny in action. Without delving into the well of mendacity that George Zimmerman has been dunked into head first, held underwater for over a year, consider a couple of other extremely high profile examples:

- Multibillionairess Oprah Winfrey claims, after the fact, that she was denied access to a $37,000 handbag by a store clerk because said clerk, who is white, is racist. There were apparently no other witnesses to the exchange and the putative racism was implicit, as Oprah didn't even accuse the clerk of saying anything explicitly racist. In this she said, she said story, the Establishment took the side of rich and famous media mogul and pointed both barrels at the hapless, powerless prole, operating on the Occident's time-tested rule that the accused must always be presumed guilty until proven innocent. It reacted with an outpouring of sympathy for the hardship Oprah suffered alongside its many lamentations over the fact that, even in places acculturated in cosmopolitanism and even in situations in which world renowned people are involved, irrational bigotry and ugly stereotypes still lurk.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of whites and especially Asians aspiring to be admitted as students at exclusive colleges are denied enrollment at the schools they aspire to because less capable Hispanic and especially black applicants are given preferential treatment at the former groups' expense.

While the latter evinces a blatant disregard for isonomy--which is, perhaps ironically, the foundation upon which our Proposition Nation is built upon--the triviality of the former, even if veracious (which is questionable, as Oprah happens to be promoting an almost too perfectly germane black grievance porn movie at the moment), is well captured in the words of the Derb:
The less blacks have to complain about — and for us working stiffs, it's hard to see that a person with 2.9 billion dollars in the bank has anything to complain about — the more they want to whine and guilt-trip us non-blacks over tiny or imaginary slights.
It would be interesting if an organization like Pew, which is honest enough to conduct this sort of thing, surveyed the public's level of awareness of the perceived snubbing Oprah received and compared it to awareness of widespread favorable admissions sun people receive at the expense of ice people who are denied them. More familiarity with the tyranny than the anarchy, I'd bet.

- A clown in flyover country is figuratively crucified and literally banished for clowning around:
At the rodeo here last Saturday night, a clown wearing an Obama mask stood on the arena’s dirt floor, propped up like a straw man with the appearance that a broom stick was going up his backside. A second clown called him “ya big goober.” Before letting the bull loose to charge at the clown with the Obama mask, the second clown provided live narration over the loudspeakers: 
“Obama, they’re coming for you this time.”
“He’s going to getcha, getcha, getcha.” 
“Yahoo! We’re gonna smoke Obama.”
The president of the Missouri NAACP accused the first clown of committing a hate crime.

Tyranny first, again. Poor form on my part, I know.

Anyway, the anarchy stretches from sea to shining sea, encapsulated in FBI crime statistics showing blacks to be some 40 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than whites are to commit violent crimes against blacks. Blacks are even 220% more likely to commit federally designated hate crimes than whites are. Blacks are more likely to identify racially than are whites, and they are more likely than whites are to be influenced in how they cast their votes by the racial compositions of the political candidates they are voting for. Indeed, ornery rodeo clowns are the nation's most pressing problem!


Anonymous said...

The media are the nervous system of the body politic.

It's like a man fallen asleep with his hand in the fire but his nervous system isn't working so he doesn't wake up even though his hand is burning off.

Al Fin said...

The black on white violence increased even more after the election of Obama, with young blacks declaring "it's our country now."

Why would Oprah claim "racism" so eagerly, and why would Obama stoke up the racial tension over an apparent self-defense killing of a young thuggish black by an adult black-hispanic-white male?

Does Obama have anything to gain if the violence ratchets upward into overt racial conflict that cannot be overlooked by a toady and biased media?

Something like you see in football, where the referee fails to see the initial provocation, but promptly flags the retaliatory act. Perhaps they are hoping for something like that, in the midst of the Oberlin et al racial hoaxes.