Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tsarnaev gets bloody Nick's treatment by today's bolsheviks

It's been impossible not to notice the visceral negative reactions among leftists on social media sites and the like to the recent Rolling Stone cover showing the younger tax-eating terrorist from crapistan who helped set off bombs in Boston. We're talking about marathons in Massachusetts, not skeet shooting in Chattanooga--SWPLs were really upset by the bombings. There just isn't much sympathy for the devil on display for this one. Portraying one of the instigators in such a way was bound to garner a lot of attention, but then again car crashes garner a lot of attention, too, but they're usually not good for the drivers.

Sure, there is perspicacity in the observation that some women are attracted to killers and the attention they receive for being identified as such, and the crapistani is no exception. But let's not lose perspective here--for every one girl who wants his nuts, there are hundreds or thousands who would like to put them in a vise. And in fairness to the ladies, if Nina Dobrev's doppelganger did something this nefarious, how many men would masturbate with her in their heads as they read about and watched the subsequent trial unfold? Because we're sophisticated enough to separate love from lust, though, we'd still be fine with having her hang from a lamppost after we were through with her, unlike the crapistani's aspirants, who would like to spend their energy trying to domesticate him instead! Really, before it becomes ancient history to them, ask some female SWPLs about the punk. The reaction is similar to what you'll get if you ask them about Fred Phelps.

For pundits on the mainstream right (that excludes darkly enlightened, red-pill popping HBDers, of course), this should signal the start of a field day. For one, the incident itself is exactly what the polite right opposed to amnesty and open borders dreams about--terrorist activity committed by a white (nothing racist about our anti-amnesty position!) immigrant who was given the green light to stay in country and then subsequently given naturalized citizenship, both far too easily, who targeted an event leftists love in a city leftists love. Moreover, an iconic, cultural standard-bearer for the degenerate baby-boomer leftist worldview not only lines up on the wrong side of the issue, but is perceived as glamorizing evil incarnate in the process.

Parenthetically, I realize the article isn't hagiographic, but in a world where attention spans max out at around 140 characters, few people are going to get that far, and media types like the editors of RS know this, so that's a risible defense.


spagetiMeatball said...

Epigone, how can I turn Azerbaijan from crapistan to awesomistan?

Anonymous said...

Leftists are reacting to female evil on display.

This is why women should never have been given the vote, and every feminist flicking her bean while looking at the cover of the rolling stone knows it.

If you have a marriage, your wife is reasonably submissive, in which case she will not want to fuck this guy. Try asking your more liberated and progressive female friends. They all want to fuck him.

Audacious Epigone said...


Outbreeding. Easier said than done, though.


It's not something I can quantify in this case, but I've been listening/looking for reactions to the Rolling Stone cover and it's been almost uniformly negative, with SWPL types I know probably being the most vocal about it.

Your name is so easy to remember, btw. Rolls right off the tongue!

spagetiMeatball said...

Epigone, one more very ridiculously irrelevant and comical sounding (but historically quite relevant to a lot of things) question: How did europeans come across their awesome powers of observation, reasoning, categorization, a.k.a, science?

Its obviously biological, because we see it in people of european descent wherever they are, be it in europe itself, america, australia. And in different time periods, be it during Pericles' age, the renaissance, or the scientific revolution.

Sometimes I feel tempted to think that it is somehow supernatural, that you and your people have been supremely blessed by some gods above the rest of us, but then the reductionist in me comes back to his senses and tells me that it must have been some act of natural selection on a small group of european hunter gatherers that made this quirk in their brains that makes them more logical, and perspicacious then everybody else?

Where did your powers come from? Are you aliens?

Anonymous said...


1. Outbreed i.e. ban 1st cousin marriage


genetic screening where a couple fertlize a dozen eggs and the best one is implanted in the womb.

(I think those two options basically come to the same thing except the second ought to be much quicker.)

2. Make IVF clinics use sperm from your country's special forces. As long as the selection process is difficult they will all be above average IQ for your country and very healthy.

Firemen would be another option - again depending on much competition there is for the job.

Audacious Epigone said...


during Pericles' age, the renaissance, or the scientific revolution

But those were in quite different places in Europe. There aren't too many people around the world envying Pericles' homeland these days.

Seriously, that's a question above my pay grade. Some combination of outbreeding (thanks be to the church!), favorable selection pressures, and maybe Neanderthal interbreeding is my best guess. I'd put most of my chips in my own pile before putting a few in Toby Huff's, I might put a stray chip or two in Jared Diamond's. I wouldn't put a single shilling in Daron Acemoglu's.

spagetiMeatball said...

I was not talking about economics. Something more to do with overarching civilization productivity.

Only Europeans created lifelike beautiful art. (Phidias, Michelangelo)

Only Europeans crafted beautiful symphonies. (Beethoven, Mozart, Lizt, Strauss)

Only Europeans created the scientific method. (Francis Bacon)

Only Europeans discovered the majority of mathematical theorems known to mankind. (Gauss!!!!!!)

After carefully examining many historical texts it becomes apparent that this pattern is consistent. Furthermore, there is no gradation to these achievements. You can't discover half a theorem, or create a somewhat lifelike statue.

There is most something, just one detectable thing, some synaptical population in the brains of europeans, that enables them to reach such heights.

I will continue to search for it. Test subjects F-X45582L40 and M-V65591L12 have been delivered.

Cthulhu cannot except that mere mortals have come across this power! And hoarded it all for themselves. He wants it ripped out of them, for himself.

I, spagetiMeatball, his faithful servent, will deliver it to him. I can only hope for a commission from the galactic lord.

Anonymous said...

But Southern whites are Ulster Scots/Border English descendants. They are neither ancient greeks, nor romans, their ancestors did not usher in the scientific revolution. If anything, they are more closely related to the northern barbarians that caused the destruction of Greek and Roman empires.