Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good old fashioned family values, on which we used to rely

Pew Research delivers some inspiring Saturday morning reading, of the diversity-is-strength variety:
Never married mothers are significantly younger, disproportionally non-white, and have lower education and income. Close to half of never married mothers in 2011 (46%) are ages 30 and younger, six-in-ten are either black (40%) or Hispanic (24%), and nearly half (49%) have a high school education or less [sic*]. Their median family income was $17,400 in 2011, the lowest among all families with children.
In fidelity to the blog's raison d'etre, let's look at the risk factors among women of becoming never-married single mothers by comparing non-whites to the non-Hispanic white rate of bastard birthing. The following table shows the rates of this strain of alternative family formation (that is, one in which the state and/or extended family serve as substantial providers, since no one is providing for themselves and their spawn on less than $20k a year) relative to the non-Hispanic white rate:

Illegitimacyvs. whites

The Pew figures excluded those aged 65 or older, so I've made the necessary corresponding adjustments using 2010 Census data.

Look, my fellow Republicans, if we stop comparing Hispanics to our own voters and instead compare them to other minorities--which, since we must exclude Asians as they are too inconvenient to think about when we use the term "minority", means blacks--we see that indeed they do display both a penchant for traditional family values and a propensity to vote for the GOP. We need to pass the comprehensive immigration reform now, or, as Bill O'Reilly argues so convincingly, we'll "lose the Hispanic vote and never win another national election, ever!"

It's Marge Simpson's weight loss logic at work: "For low-fat, this pudding is pretty good. Mmm, mmm, I can just feel the pounds melting off."

* This probably should read "less than a high school education", compared to a national high school graduation rate of nearly 80%. As is, it insinuates that 51% of single mothers have gone to college, which, in a country where one-fourth of the population has a bachelor's degree or higher, would be quite 'impressive' (at least from the contemporary education-as-panacea viewpoint).


Anonymous said...

Hispanic women actually have more illegitmate kids than blacks do. You have to look at the number of kids per woman rather than the ratio of legitimate to illegitimate. Hispanic women have 50% more kids than blacks do, and 50% more illegitimate kids per woman as well.

Hispanics will never vote for the GOP because it is not in their interest. The only possible benefit that the GOP could promise hispanics would be to drastically reduce immigration. That is the only policy that would actually help them. Hispanics compete head to head with younger, stronger, cheaper, more desperate illegal workers.

Anonymous said...

Blacks produce 75 illegitimate kids per 1000 women aged 15-45.

Hispanics produce 92.

Whites, 30 something and Asians fewer still.

2010 census.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear that is per year.

Blacks 75 per 1000 women per year.

Multiply by the 30 reproductive years to get total averages.

Asianmoderateleaningrepublican said...

Wow I'm so impressed by Laura Ingraham, she has just gained a new fan, and Bill O'Reilly as already confirmed what I think of him, a full of himself blowhard who doesn't know sh.....

Anonymous said...

Hispanics in the USA may just be Native Amerindians from Mexico who speak horrible Spanish and not even mixed.

There's 10-15% of Amerindians in Mexico. About 16 million out of 112 million.

But yes, as a rule, even the mixed Hispanics with intact and large families don't like Americans.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't consider blacks from the Caribbean as Hispanic, as opposed to say, mixed-raced Spanish speakers from Central-South America.

They are two very distinct groups, yet they are all grouped together.