Saturday, April 20, 2013

Door's open, come on in

As ridiculed as the slippery slope argument against same-sex marriage (polygamous/incestuous/bestial marriages will be next) has been by its proponents, there aren't many serious reasons to maintain that the definition of legal marriage will then, having expanded to include those of the same sex, stay put forever after. And so the institution will reclinate back to its own past, the only ubiquitous purpose it represents becoming legal (and by extension political among the upper crust) in nature as was often the case in antiquity.

Divorce rates show that contemporary marriage isn't about lifelong commitment. Open marriages show that it isn't even about serial long-term commitment. Same-sex marriage shows that it isn't about procreation. Be prepared, as Jeremy Irons suggested, to be shown that marriage isn't about romantic love, as a father marries his son to hand junior the family fortune free from government confiscation. Polygamy will show that marriage isn't about a special devotion to one other person, as marriages of convenience already illustrate.

Better contact the financial planner to see whether or not we should get married, whatever our situation and whoever we may be. Perhaps the next step after that will be to annul any differentiation in legal or taxation status marriage confers and be rid of the whole mess forever.


Dan said...

Canada's experience is interesting. As Mark Steyn noted recently 1/3 of 1% of marriages in Canada in the 10 years since legalization have been of the same-sex variety. And that includes lots of people coming in from the United States where it was not legal.

I think in a certain sense marriage is stronger than ever.

Why? The institution is getting ever more elite. The way a university becomes more successful is by rejecting more and more people.

Similarly, the institution of marriage is opening an ever-larger success gap in relation to non-marrieds. Wealth, IQ, social status, you name it. Married people occupy the top and unmarried people occupy the bottom.

Better looking, smarter, more educated and higher-worth girls can hold out for marriage. They can get a husband who will provide a nice life for them. Those on the lower end of the desirability spectrum take whatever they can get.

Audacious Epigone said...


Interesting take as always, thanks. Sort of like what is happening with education, only in reverse.

brerrabbit said...

Check out Peter Singer's "Heavy Petting" - - for the next step. If link doesn't work it usually comes up by searching "peter singer heavy petting".

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks. An addition to the post should add "bestiality will show that marriage isn't even about a relationship between humans".