Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feds attacked in border states, Montana and South Dakota

Looking through FBI statistics, I came upon a table showing the number of federal law enforcement agents who had been assaulted by state in 2010. The top four, unsurprisingly, are Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico--the border states. Trying to stop unwanted people and paraphernalia from coming into the country is dangerous work.

What does puzzle me are the next two, Montana and South Dakota, respectively. I thought maybe it had something to do with Native Americans, but Oklahoma and North Carolina, which both have larger indigenous populations than Montana or South Dakota do, are way down at the bottom of the list. Indeed, outside the border states plus Montana and South Dakota, assaults are negligible. Those six states constituted 72% of all assaults on federal agents throughout the entire country. Any ideas?


Zorro said...

People who spend their lives in remote areas where it is common to drive hundreds of miles for trivial purposes tend to have issues with "outsiders."

Ruby Ridge?

Just a thought

M.G. said...

I thought of militia groups too, but when I looked at wiki's active militia movement groups 2010, South Dakota isn't even on the list, and Montana's only militia seems to have disbanded after Y2K. (Going just on that list, Michigan appears to be the militia capital of the U.S.)

But then, I'm not even sure what-all federal agents do. I wondered about a connection with National Parks, but then saw that most of Yellowstone is in Wyoming, not Montana. S.D.'s got the Badlands and Rushmore. Have these two states become big meth distribution hubs or something?

If you look at North Dakota's numbers for injured feds, they're high too (46)--could this Montana/North Dakota/South Dakota corridor have some connection? Nothing funky happening at the Canadian border up there? (gunfights with those busloads of grannies sneaking over the border to get cheap prescription meds?)

My °1 theory is still meth or militias. But maybe a local can enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Take a drive through Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and you'll get a better understanding of what is going on (alcoholism, suicide, homicide, domestic violence, firearms, etc.) It's totally dysfunctional.

The same is true with certain tribes in Montana. The assailants are Indians and many of the victims are Indian tribal police (federal) and various other federal officers such as FBI.

Audacious Epigone said...

Ah, a search on google images gives some idea of what you're talking about.

DPG said...

Interesting that the first two commenters thought to blame white militias. An elite liberal would surely give the same answer.

The truth turns out to be that it's just another dysfunctional minority ethnic group. Goes to show you how much the PC narrative influences our worldview, even at a remote outpost like this blog. Credit to AE for guessing Native Americans beforehand.

M.G. said...

Interesting that the fifth commenter thought it impossible to blame Whites. An incurious white supremacist would surely give the same answer.

The truth turns out to be that Whites, like every racial / ethnic group, have their dysfunctional classes too. Goes to show you how much the white supremacist narrative influences certain worldviews, even at a remote outpost like this blog. Credit to those for whom HBD knowledge is more than just race-boosterism.

DPG said...


Down, boy. My first reaction was to blame it on white militias as well. McVeigh, Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. My comment had nothing to do with white supremacy, unless of course acknowledgement of disparate crime rates between races counts as white supremacist.

My broader point, which may not have come across very well, is this: this blog constantly examines data that doesn't receive a lot of coverage in the media. I would expect commenters here to hold hold the same contrarian spirit. Yet, myself and the first two commenters first thought to blame militias. Why would that be?

Anonymous said...

South Dakota and Montana are two of the lowest population-density states.

North Dakota has more Scandinavian whites (who are notoriously pacific) than South Dakota or Montana. Wyoming has the most hippies (same deal, mostly). The other low-population density state is Alaska, which seems to me to be more of a destination than a place on passes through. I'm guessing that a relative dearth of Federal visitors keeps it off of the list.

Anthony said...

It would be interesting to look at the national origin of the assailants by state, and the associated crimes. How much do federal agents get attacked by American citizens versus Mexicans (or Canadians)? How many of the attacks are related to drug trade vs immigration smuggling vs other criminal activity?