Thursday, May 03, 2012

Blacks more likely to commit hate crimes than whites are

++Addition++As B.B. points out in the comments and Inductivist reported several years ago, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) shows that the majority of offenders perceived to be motivated in their criminal activity by racial animus are black. That there are 2.5 times as many black perp haters as there are white haters, and that there are nearly six times as many whites (Hispanics included) in the US as there are blacks means that blacks are over 14 times as likely to engage in a hate crime as whites are from the perspetive of the nation's crime victims. That's not the story we get though, of course, because some victims are more equal than others.


Digging through some more 2010 FBI data, let's take a look at hate crimes, specifically rates of offence by race. As before, the following table shows hate crime offence rates by race relative to the white (including Hispanic) rate, so that 100% indicates a rate exactly the same as that of whites, less than 100% a rate lower than that of whites, and greater than 100% a rate higher than the white rate:

American Indian132%

When most people hear the phrase "hate crime", they probably think of something along the lines of a hooded white guy burning down a black family's house, but even when it comes to a criminal categorization inherently designed to nail whites for acting upon a personal animus against blacks, NAMs are actually more frequent offenders than ice people are.

Parenthetically, I've looked at this before, but those data were half a decade older than these are. The racial gap actually narrowed a little from 2005 to 2010!


Anonymous said...

By the looks of the NCVS data either whites are extremely prone to seeing racial motivations when there is none or hate crimes against whites are vastly under-prosecuted.


Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks for jogging my memory!

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

Given America's PC culture, which suffuses even the military and police these days, I suspect a huge number of black "hate" crimes are never classed as such, while a significant number of basic crimes by whites are hammered into the "hate" crime rubric. If my suspicion is correct, the stats AE references actually understate the disparity between black and white "hate" crime commision.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're being entirely honest here, Mr. Audacious Epigone. Aren't blacks more likely to be victimized by hate crimes? Aren't most hate crimes that are racially motivated directed against blacks? According to the same FBI stats that you quoted:

■70.0 percent were victims of an offender’s anti-black bias.

■69.8 percent were motivated by anti-black bias.

Of the total number of hate crimes, 7699, blacks only committed 11% of these, whereas whites committed 41% of all hate crimes. Now the black figure is quite proportional, so I think you're over-exaggerating here. Um, maybe blacks are more prone to commit homophobic incidents?

Of course, I might be missing something, so I defer to your wise analysis of the situation. Please explain

Anonymous said...

Just another comment... The NCVS data is based on household surveys and not as accurate as FBI Stats. The FBI stats indicate that blacks are not the majority of hate crime offenders and that the white number of hate crime offenders is far greater, at 58.6%. Blacks are 18.4% of all offenders, or about 1 and half times their average representation in the general population. So it is true that, per capita, their are more black offenders than white, but not by much. White rates of offending are more nearly proportional

pat said...

When Obama was running in 2008 I discussed politics a bit with my neighbor. When pressed as to why I didn't like him I said simply - "He hates white people". This confirmed in her eyes that I was crazy.

It's quite remarkable how many white people can't believe this. There certainly is a lot of evidence. White people who hate blacks and act on it are quite rare. The two red necks who dragged that black guy behind their truck were the exception that proved the rule. There has been no similar case in all the years since.

Yet there are a couple stories each week of black mobs attacking innocent whites usually yelling something about Trayvon Martin. Bull Connor and the KKK were never this hate filled.

If that remark seems hyperbolic let me refer you to the remarks of Louis Farrakhan of the Black Muslims or anyone from the Black Panthers (new or old). Both of these groups originated in my community Oakland, CA. They have killed whites, blacks, city officials, and the police for decades. They are organized crime groups organized around race hatred. I few years back in the Bay Area we had the Zebra killers - blacks who hunted down whites. They would pick up white hitch-hikers and murder them. The press hushed the whole thing up.

In California there has never been an authenticated case of whites lynching a black. Most people still think of blacks as the victims of lynch mobs but are never aware of all the lynched Chinese.

In the Rodney King riots which are on every one's mind these days. You should remember Reginald Denny the white truck driver pulled out of his truck and beaten almost to death by a group of blacks. There was no comparable case for whites targeting blacks.

In the last few weeks there has been case after case of groups of blacks assaulting whites yell something about retribution for Trayvon.

Their can be no substantial doubt - blacks hate whites and act on that hatred.


Aaronovitch said...

So NCVS classes hate crimes according to perception of the victim where as capital "H" Hate Crimes are classes as such by the justice system, thus informally used to target white on black crime. Is this more or less correct?

Anonymous said...

Your number is off by a factor of 10, you ignorant, math-deficient bigot.

2010 Hate Crimes

7699: total offenses
2670: offenders unknown
5029: total of known offenders

905 of them were black:

18 % of the total as compared to blacks being 12.6% of the population

3176 of known offenders were white.
that's about 63% of the total known offenders

pretty much proportional to the 63% of whites in the US. (although this is somewhat ambiguous because these statistics don't break out 'latinos'/'hispanics' separately.

According to this table you cited, blacks committed hate crimes about 1.4 times their proportion

NOT 14 times

Anonymous said...

"blacks are not the majority of hate crime offenders and that the white number of hate crime offenders is far greater, at 58.6%. Blacks are 18.4% of all offenders, or about 1 and half times their average representation in the general population."

Are you confusing offenders with offenses? Each criminal can commit more than one offense.

Anonymous said...

[i]Are you confusing offenders with offenses? Each criminal can commit more than one offense.[/i]

I agree and if you read my previous comments, I also pointed this out. But even when this is taken into consideration, whites still committed a much greater percentage of hate crimes than blacks, 41% vs. 11%.

You guys don't math much around here.

Aaronovitch said...

pretty much proportional to the 63% of whites in the US.

Yes but very disproportionate to overwhelmingly black on white violent interracial crime. This would reinforce the idea that hate crime designation is politically driven to produce a "correct" predetermined answer, the politics being Who-Whom cultural Marxist shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

@5/4/12 12:08 PM. ...

You need to subtract those offenses committed by unknown perpetrators from those offenses committed by known perpetrators, which leaves you with 63% of hate crimes committed by whites and 18% of hate crimes committed by blacks... either way the person who posted this is a mathematically illiterate retard.

James said...

Can you people pick names?

Audacious Epigone said...

Anon 9:29,

I pointed that out previously, though not in this post. I suppose you can call me on omission there, but I think the phrase "hate crime" is a joke, anyway, so the point was more for polemical purposes than actually getting at a true understanding of levels of racial animosity in the US today.

Parenthetically, yes, blacks target gays at higher rates than whites do.

Hysterical anon 11:38,

The addendum, for which I arrive at the 14x black:white ratio, comes from the NCVS numbers in the Inductivist post that I linked to. The body of the original post, with the table, shows the official hate crime breakdown for which blacks are 1.6x as likely as whites to commit legally designated hate crimes. Read it again and I think you'll comprehend it.

Anon 12:08,

No, you don't, unless you're operating under the presumption that the unknown offender rates will be in exact proportion to the demographic distribution of the general population. It's more reasonable to assume that they more closely mirror the breakdown among identifiable perpetrators (that is, skew relatively non-white). The most parsimonious thing to do is to exclude the unknowns entirely.

pat said...

According to the FBI Uniform Crime reports there were about 8,000 murder arrests in the US in 2010. About half were whites and the other half blacks.

Of these murder arrests about 6,000 were hate crimes. About 3,500 of the hate murder arrests were whites and about 1,000 were blacks.

These figures are in Tables 9 and 43a.

So it would seem that the FBI calculates that roughly 82% of all murders by whites are hate crimes. While only about 26% of black murders are.

silly girl said...

Can you people pick names?

What is said is more interesting than who says it.

Of course, I would say that because I usually don't know who said what anyway because I rarely the name. I just go directly to the comment.

Anonymous said...

The hate crime issue is subjective nonsense. Don't acknowledge hate crime statistics as legitimate. They are not.

Recently in my town, we have several black on white murders that were clearly hate crimes. They were not prosecuted as such. However, we also had white on black murder spree that was classified as a hate crime before the victims were cold.

Black on white murder/rape/robbery are far more common that white on black. You libs know that.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious in the age of obama that I'm amazed anyone would doubt it. When you actually have an AG AND senior staff publically stating that not only will they not take cases of discrimination or hate/violence against whites, but that it is NOT THEIR PURPOSE...woh.

And when you can have black panthers tappin' their nightsticks on their hands and warning "crackers" about "black man rule," when they try to vote, I'd say you're an idiot if you don't know that black-on-white hate and racism are at a peak.

And if you still don't believe it, look up one of tne excellent sites that document it. There is no doubt at all. This is not 1032 with Jim Crow; it's 2012, with the white race being ethnically cleansed by the deliberate bringing in of foreign, hostile cultures.

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