Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh, she sees just fine

What to make of this:
Blacks are more than twice as likely as nonblacks (72 to 32 percent) to believe that Mr. Zimmerman (who is white and Hispanic) is guilty of a crime in shooting Trayvon, according to an April 2-4 Gallup survey of 3,006 Americans.
... and this?:
In a landmark ruling, a North Carolina judge on Friday vacated the death penalty of a black man convicted of murder, saying prosecutors across the state had engaged in deliberate and systematic racial discrimination when striking black potential jurors in death penalty cases.
First and foremost, that justice is most certainly not colorblind.


Dan said...

I can imagine the criminal justice system collapsing in the future.

Step 1: Rather than make a plea bargain as usually happens, African Americans start demanding stupidly expensive trials at the taxpayer expense.

Step 2: According to new North Carolina logic, there must be several people of the same race on the jury.

Step 3: No conviction, as tribal loyalty and black solidarity leads at least some jurors to 'fight for their people.'

As this concept spreads (and it can spread quickly since defense attorneys all over start connecting the dots) it becomes impossible to ever convict.


Steve Sailer said...

Because blacks tend to be biased out of racial loyalty, prosecutors tend to use pre-emptive challenges to disqualify blacks if the defendant is black, just as the defense attorney uses pre-emptives to disqualify nonblacks. It's like the end game in chess where the player with more firepower left on the board can happily exchange pieces one for one. Courts have been wondering what, if anything, to do about this for a long time.

Audacious Epigone said...


Sounds conceivable to me.


The potential nullification of sentencing based on disparate impact in jury composition, apparently.

pat said...

I think some of the air is escaping from this balloon.

Originally, like you, I had read that a white vigilante had profiled a black child, tracked him down and shot him("like a dog").

Now we see a small, timid and polite Hispanic man show up in court. He doesn't look like someone who could beat up a 6'2" black teenager. Martin's mother thinks that it was her kid who was screaming on the tape, but that dog won't hunt.

I expect the judge to throw the whole thing out. If he doesn't it will only be because he wants to avoid a race riot.

But you know, race riots aren't so bad. Since 1964 all the race riots in America have been started by blacks. Previously they were always started by whites.

The Rodney King riots killed 54 people. That's all. That was more than twenty years ago. Each year in America we lose an average of 53 people to bee stings. About 130 people die each year from deer. Those are annual figures. Since Rodney King there have been about 1,500 deaths from deer.

Last year in Oakland we had the #OccupyOakland riots. It was on all the news shows. I live in Oakland if it weren't for TV I would never have known. I've talked to my neighbors - they only knew about it from TV too.

Black leadership took a credibility hit with the hockey player rapes last year. If Sharpton and Jackson encourage rioting over this very weak case, I think it is likely to damage the re-election prospects of President Obama.

I expect the word from the White House will be to skip this one and wait for a stronger case. I'm sure that with the resources of the whole federal government behind them, they can gin up a race riot whenever they wish, but they will want a better poster boy than Trayvon.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...


I wish I could agree with your concluding paragraphs, but I can't. The Left, with Obama at its pernicious head, believes whites are so guilt-stricken and intimidated on matters of race, that it can use the "racism" weapon to great effect and with total impugnity any time it wants. And until whites arise, wake up and tell the Left to go straight to hell, I must conclude that Leftist perceptions of white timidity on racial issues are correct. Consquently, Obama, Holder and the MSM media will demagogue Martin/Zimmerman to the hilt and I would not be surprised if the judge and jury sacrifice Zimmerman to America's racial Molloch.

Anonymous said...

@Steve ---

"Courts have been wondering what, if anything, to do about this for a long time."

Yes, but the status quo is out the window with what is happening in NC. It looks like it has been unilaterally decided against prosecutors. This is a new precedent. Consider Steve's chess game where one side isn't even allowed to play...

If prosecutors can't strike certain jurors, then convictions could become impossible.

pat said...

Ed Tom,

You seem to be depressed that the whites won't rise. Maybe you're right. I very much doubt if the white folks in my neighborhood will march down the hill and burn out that huge nest of black people in the flat lands. We're all too old.

Maybe Zimmerman will be convicted, sent to prison and murdered by the black convicts. Could be. He might then become the American Dreyfuss. That's also possible but I think unlikely.

My guess is that it will become clear that the public has become cynical about this particular case. I think this case was cherry picked out of a steady daily stream of violent racial incidents because the Obama re-election campaign thought they could shape the narrative to support their agenda.

It all happened very fast. Sharpton was on TV. Jackson was on TV. Obama was on TV. All the commentators on MSNBC were suddenly making fiery speeches in front of a photograph of an angelic twelve year old Trayvon Martin. It was well coordinated and organized.

When it develops that this particular case isn't working out as they had hoped, I think they will just drop it. That means that Al Sharpton and MSNBC will get a phone call to look for a better case.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

It's possible you're right, pat. Time will tell, but I'm not hopeful that this whole sordid affir will have anything but a sorry conclusion.

And just for the record, I'm not agitating for white folks to take up their pitchforks and torches and burn out nests of "coons." lol I'll settle for evicting Obama in November and dismantling America's affirmative action society.