Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gay bashing by race

We know from exit polling on California's Proposition 8 that blacks see gays as second-class citizens, but does this civic form of disenfranchisement also manifest itself in less genteel ways?!

FBI statistics offer an answer. The following table shows offender rates by race for designated hate crimes committed against homosexuals as a percentage of the white (including Hispanic) offender rate, so anything over 100% indicates a higher propensity for gay bashing than whites display and anything under 100% shows less of one:

American Indian66%

In the conception of many, the diversity tower starts with white women on the bottom floor and works its way to the top story where blacks reside. When it comes to special benefits conferred, this conception is pretty accurate. Yet when blacks and gays tussle, gays often win (figuratively speaking, of course--as these crime stats show, they don't actually get the better of a physical confrontation).


pat said...

Obviously the race statistics you have shown for gay bashing closely mirror those for IQ. If people bash gays because they are stupid, then obviously you will see the numbers reflect a greater proportion of blacks in that group. Blacks being the stupid race.

I'm getting a little tired of this sort of finding. It just isn't breaking news.

Headline: Blacks are stupid. In other news this morning, the sun rose.

I believe at this point in time I am the only person on earth who has a plausible theory of the cause of homosexuality in humans. I've been reading up on it.

If I didn't know myself so well I would think that that fact marks me as a lunatic. It hardly seems likely that only I know the truth but my theory - toxoplasma gondii - is very easy to test. It's not an argument. It is a hypothesis.

rjp said...

Pat, years ago there was a study that showed a higher rate of schizophrenia among cat owners. Hence the crazy old lady who lives alone with the cats could be a true .... and being that homosexuality was frowned upon in the past (as it should be) the crazy old lady that lived alone with the cats could really have been a closeted lasbian.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so cops are 5.28 times more likely to be killed by blacks than whites, and gays are 2.88 times more likely to be bashed by blacks by than by whites, but how much more likely are black males to be killed by blacks than whites?

The so called liberal media reports on the gay victims cuz it "cares" about gays. And reports on cop victims because it "cares" about cops, but doesn't much report on black male victims because it doesn't much "care" about them UNTIL one is at the business end of the gun held by a (partly) white guy with a white guy name.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

If indeed the media does not report black-on-black violence, perhaps the reason why is because it is so mundane and routine. The ultimate dog-bites-man story.

Anonymous said...


Ed, I think that the libs are fine with the blacks killing each other, their babies, us etc. They are sick.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, a lot of what you'll find here is predictable, but (in my opinion, regrettably) not quantified anywhere else. A good portion of the hits this blog receives come from people all over the place (both physically and ideologically) referencing the simple statistics found here. It's not often earth-shattering, but it has utility.

Get somebody to test your theory already! Too bad Bruce Charlton was cut from Medical Hypotheses, as he might've been able to help arrange it. Still, there has to be a hungry academic researcher out there who's looking to make a name for himself and who consequently could do the testing.

Dan said...

"We know from exit polling on California's Proposition 8 that blacks see gays as second-class citizens. But does this civic form of disenfranchisement also manifest itself in less genteel ways?"

You are something of a SWPL leftist, Epigone, to write a sentence like that...

Frankly, I have no idea why SWPLs such as yourself see gay marriage as such a normal thing and polygamy as such a sick outlier.

If you are the empiricist you claim to be, you understand that de facto polygamy is at least 1000% (10x) more common than homosexuality which is at only 1 or 2% prevalence. Polygamy is far closer to our natural history, and far healthier too, than homosexuality but like a good SWPL conformist, you toe the line and even take on the role of PC police.

Saint Louis said...

Maybe I'm reading this incorrectly, but it seems to me that blacks may actually be less likely to gay bash. If blacks generally commit violent crimes at a rate 700-800% of whites, but commit so-called hate crimes at only 288% of the white rate, then they might actually be friendlier to the gays than whites are. Or maybe prosecutors are less likely to charge under a hate crime statute when the defendant is black.

And, sorry to say it, but Dan has a point. Equating opposition to homosexuals "marrying" each other with treating them as second-class citizens is the kind of thing I expect to see the comment section of a Huffington Post article.

Audacious Epigone said...

Dan and Saint Louis,

I was being totally facetious with that first sentence. I broke my own rules by not working an exclamation mark in there, which is how I usually indicate sarcasm, so I've rewritten it in a way that hopefully makes it a little clearer that I'm mocking HuffPo-types, not agreeing with them.

Anonymous said...

"If blacks generally commit violent crimes at a rate 700-800% of whites, but commit so-called hate crimes at only 288% of the white rate, then they might actually be friendlier to the gays than whites are."

Uh, no.

Any incidence rate above the white rate indicates that they are less friendly to gays than whites are.

However, the lower rate of gay bashing than cop killing does indicate that they hate cops more than gays.

pat said...

Dear Epigone;

First let me apologize for inadvertently hijacking this or any other thread. But there is a a certain symmetry and a stark contrast is the race and homosexual issues.

Some people smarter than I am think we will see the beginning of the end to human homosexuality in our lifetime. Similarly in the nineteenth century Darwin and Galton thought that the less advanced races would be eliminated in the future.

Today I think the first expectation - no more gays - is quite likely. However the black problem seems to be with us for the foreseeable future.

Indeed the black problem seems to be getting worse. Indulge me with a very brief history of blacks in America.

First - Jamestown found that whites couldn't manage as field workers. They died too fast. Blacks were tried and it worked. Blacks could survive in the sub-tropical fields of the American South.

Blacks had a competitive advantage as field workers. Skip forward to the latter half of the nineteenth century. Newly freed blacks begin the Great Migration. In short - they went to Detroit to work in factories.

Blacks were about equally valuable economically in those factories. Then a number of changes occurred. The lowest skilled jobs got automated out of existence. Next there was significant foreign competition.

Blacks couldn't compete for the new jobs (e.g. Silicon Valley). Blacks are now unemployed and subsidized by various government programs. This yielded Detroit.

Detroit is 90% black and 50% illiterate. They are stranded there. They aren't going anywhere. Worse yet there is no remedy by any conventional means. The government has taken on blacks as a client class but there are no government programs that can help.

Trust me on that. I know what I'm talking about. I used to evaluate government programs for a living.

It can only get worse. Whites and Asian are currently suffering from cyclical unemployment. Inner city blacks are permanently unemployed.

You focus on racial differences and I appreciate that. Most Americans are still in denial they are fixated on MLK, the civil rights movement and former times when there was still some basis for hope. Your task is to wake them up. Mine is to worry about a solution. You're doing a fine job while floundering badly


Audacious Epigone said...

You're doing a fine job while floundering badly

Ha, ... thanks?! Or were you being overly modest there while forgetting to include "I'm"?

pat said...

Yes I did indeed forget to include the "I'm". I try to spell check everything I post and I proofread, but like every writer, I need an independent editor.