Saturday, March 10, 2012

That good fight isn't ours

When I'm in discussions that find their way to the issues surrounding Israel and her relationships with her neighbors generally, and the Palestinians in particular, I find I often bemuse those I'm talking to because they're unsure of whether I'm "pro-Israel" or "pro-Palestinian". In imitation of Half Sigma (and correspondingly in a nod to my pseudonym), my position is as follows.

Israel's survival instincts are admirable. As an American, I can only dream of having a federal government as committed to the well-being of the nation as Israel's is. In terms of human capital and the existence of a functioning liberal, market-based society, Israel is bar none in the region. If I was randomly jettisoned somewhere in MENA, by God's good graces I'd land in Haifa or Tel Aviv. When self-righteous media types pay homage to the "international community's" alleged Israeli human rights abuses against the Palestinians, it makes me root a little harder for the Jewish state. The Palestinians are apparently world's perpetual basket cases, a real life illustration of what the rest of the non-Israeli middle eastern and north African populations would look like without oil and, to a lesser extent, tourism.

But Israel's concerns are not our own. The Great Iranian War Machine is hardly a menance to the US. Iran's population is 25% of ours, and its purchasing power parity per capita is also 25% of ours. Thus, its PPP is one-sixteenth of our own. While they were, as of 2006, devoting 2.5% of their economic output on military spending, we were expending 4.06% of our much larger output on the same. If Israel deems Iran an existential threat, well, it has an estimated 200 nuclear weapons at its disposal. And I, like so many others on the alternative right, are perpetually irritated by the influence of groups like AIPAC and the ADL on US policy decisions.

In short, if I were an Israeli, I'd be supporting exactly what Israel is doing. But I'm not, so I oppose what is being done against my own national interests on behalf of Israel's even while my sympathies are with her.


Olave d'Estienne said...

I suppose I agree. It doesn't seem like most alt-right people are going to give up wasting a huge amount of energy arguing about Israel and Zionism.

Anonymous said...

Actually Israel is a strategic importance for the USA, since it allows the deployment of covert or overt military personnel without the concern of their safety or betrayal. It allows the US to have a buffer between Western Europe, Russia and China. I'm also sure that the information received through the CIA-Mossad connection is vital for national security and counter terrorism.

Finally, its great for a PR propaganda war standpoint against other Muslims.

Israel will never be abandoned by the USA, the NYC Zionist lobbyists and financiers won't allow that. The construction of the Israeli Supreme court building by the Rothschilds, I highly doubt they would ever abandon their investment.

Noah172 said...

AE is sensible here, although I cannot find the Israelis as admirable or worthy of sympathy as he (Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, Pollard, Mossad agents posing as Americans to conduct assassinations in Muslim countries, and on and on and on).

To borrow from that great MoT Leon Trotsky, we alt-righters may not take an interest in Zionism, but Zionism sure does take a great interest in us and our historic nation. We can afford the luxury of ignoring Israel if and when the Zionist fifth column in the US (Jewish and gentile) buggers off -- but not before.

On a creepy note, the words I am supposed to type to approve my comment are sionith and entallys. Sounds like someone with a lisp saying "Zionist in a tallis."

Anonymous said...

Whats more likely, that Israel, led by a government and especially a Prime Minister despised by both Presidents that he has worked with, is going to manage to drive America into a military action against Iran or that Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Persian Gulf states - nations we have already gone to war twice in twenty years to protect - are going to do it?

Israel gets a lot of press and a lot of attention. In the last couple years especially its become almost a proxy to describe something we increasingly don’t seem to be allowed to admire or support anymore, the above mentioned survival instincts. But the United States has more interests in the Middle East and Persian Gulf that make Iran an issue for us more than just the fact that they’ve been threatening Israel. If Israel vanished tomorrow does anyone seriously believe that the United States wouldn’t still have a similar position towards Iran and the region that we have today? As long as the oil everyone uses is being drawn from that part of the world, America is going to continue to have interests there.

(As for whether Israel or America or anyone else is going to bomb Iran, I think this sums it up well: )

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include anything that involves giving a single shit about other humans.

How very American of you.

Anonymous said...

It allows the US to have a buffer between Western Europe, Russia and China.

I can't think of a single reason why the US needs a "buffer" between Western Europe, Russia and China.

Which, obviously, Israel isn't, if you bother to look at the map.

Anonymous said...

anything that involves giving a single shit about other humans.

It's funny how America's giving a shit about other humans usually seems to involve dropping bombs on them. I suspect most of the world would be very grateful if we stopped "giving a shit" about them.

However, it's entirely possible that when you said "other humans" you actually meant "Jews", in which case the above objection no longer applies. Some other objections would apply though.