Thursday, December 22, 2011

She got shot, and... it's more than you ever did!

OneSTDV captures the societal shift away from celebrating accomplishment and towards celebrating suffering in discussing Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords and the coverage surrounding the Loughner shooting and her recovery from it. The PC orthodoxy leverages (and pushes for) this shifting to prop up favored groups at the bottom and minimize the laudatory attention that should rightly be given to those of great accomplishment. This inherently delegitimatizes the moral worthiness of middle class white kids from intact families while putting on a pedestal those who come from broken families and mean streets (as One demonstrated here).

It was not suddenly detectable for the first time in the 2008 election, when two potential sufferers-in-chief squared off (compared to, say, Winston Churchill or Dwight Eisenhower), of course. The Simpsons captured it nearly two decades ago in Radio Bart (which happens to be one of my top five episodes of all time):

Homer: That Timmy is a real hero!
Lisa: How do you mean, Dad?
Homer: Well, he fell down a well, and... he can't get out.
Lisa: How does that make him a hero?
Homer: [flustered and frustrated] Well, that's more than you did!

(Video clip here, albeit not in English)


Razib said...

"back to the future." christ & martyrology and veneration of the relics of the saints (often martyrs). i wonder if to some extent the glory-to-the-winners is part of the progressive vision of the enlightenment which is now no longer fashionable?

Razib said...

also, i don't want to be too eurocentric. martyrology is pretty rampant in indian traditions, in terms of extreme ascetic tendencies. less so in islam and chinese traditions from what i know (which is more than most).

Frost said...

AE, just a random idea I had but am too lazy/busy to implement.

You've probably seen Jehu's posts on the NumbersUSA gradings of congressmen, broken down by religion:

I think some interesting regressions could be done by an econometrics-savvy alt right blogger to come up with the coefficients on a bunch of traits: Religion, Race, Age, Region, whatever.

Just an idea.



Audacious Epigone said...


You should flesh that idea out more fully somewhere. What percentage of saints were martyred? In my mental inventory are men like Augustine and Aquinas, but that's because I obviously am only aware of the most influential from general histories (the stuff you were reading in kindergarten).


I'm going to see if Jehu is interested in going further with it first, and if not, I'll give it some thought. 535 individual data points is a lot...

lolz said...


Audacious Epigone said...

That lolz link is legitimate...

Noah172 said...

"back to the future." christ & martyrology and veneration of the relics of the saints (often martyrs).

Jesus did things (spread religious teachings, healed the sick, performed miracles, physically drove merchants from the Temple, etc.) before the Crucifixion; if he had not done these things, nobody would have cared about his suffering nor the manner of his death. One may not believe the historicity of some of these actions (e.g. miracles) if one is not a Christian (as Razib is not), but they are actions, or accomplishments, if you prefer.

rjp said...

The way I see it, Gabby Gifford should have quit Congress sometime ago.

She has been lauded on the news in the two appearances she has made, but she appears to me as being a monosyllabic mentally and physically handicapped person. I am not saying she shouldn't be given time, but to think someone missing part of their frontal lobe is going to function as a normal individual as capable as anyone is to be a ..... liberal.