Wednesday, December 28, 2011

As I proudly stand up next to you?

Reading Jared Taylor's most recent book, White Identity, I wondered how the seemingly endless number of examples provided to illustrate how widespread the disdain for the United States as a European-descended country is among non-whites translated into opinions offered by a representative sampling of the US population. Taylor's tone is thoughtful and sober, yet the book's content--intentionally or not--surely inflames racialist passions in many who read it (myself included). To use an example that doesn't happen to involve whites, consider the following (p82):
[Last year] in Manhattan, police arrested a group of black teenagers who specialized in beating up Asian women in their fifties to seventies. The boys acted as lookouts; it was the girls who attacked.
But in a country of over 300 million and a world of over 7 billion, anecdotes demonstrating just how vile acts of human depravity can be are always going to be abundant enough to fill a book like Taylor's from cover to cover. Taylor's book is not meant to be a comprehensively objective look at race relations in the West, however, and to criticize him for failing to present something he neither attempted nor claimed to be presenting is stupid. Having maintained a data-focused blog for several years, I'm well aware of the fact that it's not cold numbers but hot stories that move people to action.

That said, this post doesn't attempt to break the mold. It's true to TAE's tagline. Before tying into questions Taylor raises, we'll go there. In 2004, the GSS asked respondents how proud they are to be Americans. The following table shows the percentages who answered "very proud" by partisan affiliation. In all cases, non-citizens are excluded:

Party ID

Okay, so when Rush Limbaugh says Democrats are "anti-American" he's hardly being precise. Give them due credit for at least knowing they are free! Still, the conventional assertion by those on the right that conservatives are more patriotic (which, by definition, means to love, support, and defend one's country) than liberals are is accurate.

The differences are more politically-based than they are class-based:


Race, as it so often does, matters at least as much as almost anything else, although it's hardly clear that Hispanics in the US take more pride in Reconquista efforts than they do in the country they are citizens of:


Parenthetically, the Asian sample includes just 38 people (the only grouping in any of the tables with fewer than 100 respondents), so it should at most be interpreted as being merely suggestive. Incidentally, White Identity does include an unsettling chapter entitled "Asian Consciousness" that disrobes to some extent the 'model minority' conception of our yellow cohabitants.

When it comes to taking pride in their adopted homeland, the foreign-born largely assimilate to native norms:


Even wider than the partisan pride divide are the results of the generational invitational:


While I'm not ashamed of my ancestors--not those who came over from England four centuries ago nor those who came from Ireland and Germany after WWII--it's almost instinctive for millennials to be embarrassed by the thought of being asked whether or not we love our country (and not because of concerns like Mangan's, although those are the more relevant issues to me). For my grandfathers, the answer would've been an automatic, delivered without hesitation. In contemporary schools and in the media, the narrative has increasingly become one focused on the oppression and exploitation that are said to constitute not only America's past but also her present, a focus utterly devoid of historical context or comparative objectivity. This is not without consequence.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10)(15-16), PARTYID(0-1)(2-4)(5-6), CLASS, AGE, BORN, AMPROUD1(1-4)


Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

I get the impression our lovely "African-American" population doesn't particularly care for Orientals. Or perhaps they just don't like anybody at all.

Audacious Epigone said...

Ed Tom Kowalsky,

They don't--but then again, Asians don't get much love from any group except for other Asians.

RS said...

> Incidentally, White Identity does include an unsettling chapter entitled "Asian Consciousness" that disrobes to some extent the 'model minority' conception of our yellow cohabitants.

Personally, even if Ol' Yellers have competing interests, and tend to be deceptive and cunning, they also strike me as noble, dignified, scrupulous, and non-arrogant.

They aren't rancorous. One must remain wary, but I suspect them of a pervasive nobility and consideration, and wisdom... they might be quite ashamed to think of harming us extravagantly. For one thing, they rather admire us. And even more than ourselves, despite this being a pretty solid strength of ours, they tend to admire without even partial envy and resentment.

RS said...

With too many Euros having Asiatic gfs, I should probably disclaim to the effect that I have no significant relationships of any kind with Yellas, nor really ever have. One summer my girl was a female Chinaman, my first gf in fact, but since I was away from home it was only for a week. Since then I've probably kissed 600-700 (White) chicks (divide that by 100 for far better accuracy), so it ain't so much in sentimental memory after all these years.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

That's a very interesting link, AE. The surprisingly warm feeling for blacks and contrastingly cool sentiment for Asians is bizarre to say the least.

I think there are two major factors in play here. First, America's colossal pro-black propaganda complex, HAM (Hollywood/academia/media), obviously pays dividends for its preferred group. And second, Americans seem to prefer extroverts to introverts, even if those extroverts (blacks) are dysfunctional in just about every way while the introverts (Asians) are wonderful citizens.

Audacious Epigone said...


I think your sentiments are similar to those of Jared Taylor, who spent his early years in Japan. I tend to lean towards meritocracy (and the mostly ice-people alliance that portends) and away from white nationalism per se, but JT has made me rethink that on more than one occasion.


Right, whites really, really want to like individual blacks and have this liking reciprocated. There is a black hipness factor that Hispanics and Asians come nowhere near matching (and instead often try imitating blacks in the same way whites do). This is especially prevalent among teenagers and young adults.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...

True, AE. Youth culture is black culture, and vice versa. This certainly was not always the case, though. I think the influx of blacks into the NFL--and to a lesser extent the NBA--is what spurred the transformation of America's youth culture to black culture. Little American boys have always idolized professional athletes, and once these boys began idolizing black athletes the jump to idolizing blackness was a small one.

I don't think this phenomenon has hurt whites overmuch--most white kids outgrow this rather mindless infatuation--but it cements in the minds of blacks that their antisocial behavior and general irresponsibility is a good thing. Bad for blacks, and not good for America either.

Anonymous said...

"There is a black hipness factor that Hispanics and Asians come nowhere near matching (and instead often try imitating blacks in the same way whites do)"

I've dealt with African American culture long enough (esp, school, adjacent neighborhoods) and I do NOT see them as "hip", in any way, shape or form.
Ed, you're absolutely right that Americans prefer extroverts, even if some of these extroverts (hint, hint) are hypersensitive borderline psychotics with a vile sense of humor.

Ed Tom Kowalsky said...


Hip, yes, but definitely not cool. And there's a world of difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

"They don't--but then again, Asians don't get much love from any group except for other Asians."

Pretty much all groups get more love from whites than they give whites. Whites adopt Asian orphans but Asians don't adopt white orphans. So, net love to Asians from whites is greater than net love to whites from anyone including Asians.