Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inequality in intelligence distributions by political party

In the comments to the post on scientific literacy by political party, Harriet wrote:
It would be interesting to see a breakdown by educational level; D's attract more lower income voters.
That's enough of an impetus for me to quantify an aspect of something that probably comes as little surprise--the contemporary Democratic party is increasingly becoming the party of the bottom and the top, while the GOP solidifies the middle. Consequently, the educational and intelligence distributions (and presumably income as well, though the GSS does a sub-optimal job of measuring income in a comparatively useful way) of Democrats should be wider than they are among Republicans.

That is indeed the case. One standard deviation for wordsum scores among Democrats (limited to respondents surveyed from 2006 onward for contemporary relevance) is 2.03. For Republicans, it's 1.77. For educational attainment (measured in years), one standard deviation for Democrats is 3.11. For Republicans, it's 2.73.

Despite the fact that the Democratic party attracts more women and fewer men than the Republicans do, the GOP has the more feminine intelligence distribution!

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Joseph Dantes said...

...Dems attract cognitive educational elites and lower classes and inferior races.

Repubs attract the middle class.

I guessed your conclusion before I got to the end of the post.