Friday, December 10, 2010

Magic: The Gathering and Sabin, Edgar, Umaro, Cyan, Relm, Locke, Gogo, Shadow, Strago, Gau, Celes, Terra, Mog, and Setzer

I've been having fun with custom card creations for vintage RPGs for a few years now. In looking back on what I've come up with in the past and comparing it to this latest addition, it's hard not to notice power creep among my cards over time. It is, no doubt, the result of the same sort of power creep WotC has allowed creatures to enjoy since M:TG's infancy to adolescence, spanning Alpha to 4th Edition. The following three comparisons illustrate this phenomenon well:


The creature progression has been contrasted by an enfeebling of non-permanent spells:


This has been especially detrimental to blue (additionally, compare Time Walk to Time Warp, Counterspell to Cancel, and Brainstorm to Ponder) which rules the vintage world but despite claiming one of the most powerful cards ever printed as its own, is the only color in standard currently unable to fly solo without a heavy dose of brown.


B Lode said...

Does Dolph Lundgren have his own M:TG card?

Audacious Epigone said...

He does now! But he's an actor, so he has to be playing someone. In this case, it's Sabin.

Anonymous said...

let me guess sabin and cyan are your favorite characters. they are the best stand alone cards. both would be dominating in limited

Audacious Epigone said...


Ha, yes, actually. Yes, Cyan would probably be the best in the set for limited. I suspect the most valuable card in totality would be Setzer though. In older legacy and vintage, where people run decks with 15 lands and explosive early mana producers, he could create a soft lock pretty quickly in the right sort of deck.

Steve Setzer said...

It's very strange to see one's own name in a blog. It's even stranger to see it on a M:TG card.

Steve Setzer

Audacious Epigone said...


Haha, I've noticed it when you've commented previously, because I grew up on these games and thus the associations are automatic, but I don't recall ever coming across "Setzer" anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Thats amazing.

Ivan Drago as Sabin