Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miller commercial, like the men it targets, shuns cougars

The forces of feminization and multiculturalism are said to have deballed white men. We are now popularly portrayed now as lumbering buffoons, far removed from the more traditional images of hard-working, self reliant pillars of modern civilization. But we're still the ones who earn the money that fuels the the consumer economy, and marketers target us.

Beer companies are certainly among those who aim specifically at young and middle-aged working and middle class white guys. This Miller ad demonstrates how, despite the nonsense about the ability of professional women to easily hold off into their thirties and forties before settling down with their choice of man, youth is hot and termagents are not:

The bartender's (age ~24) social status is lower than the cougar's (age ~36), who is presumably a professional corporate type of some kind. But the average joe is more desired by the cougar because her options are more limited than the bartender's are. The bartender is self-evidently smoking, but the cougar is not ugly. In fact, 12 or so years ago, she was probably near the bartender's level of physical attractiveness. Now, though, it's not even close, as the rest of the kitty cat guy's friends illustrate by showing disgust for the cougar.

That physical attractiveness is the most important attribute a woman has in attracting male attention is obvious to virtually all heterosexual men (though not all will admit as much), but there is an endless supply of delusional women who still act surprised whenever evidence of it hits them in their faces.


Anonymous said...

I don't think age is a relevant number. More relevant is physical attractiveness. A fit and healthy 35 year old woman can beat out an obese, chain smoking 20 year old. However, it would be fair to say that the average 20 year old woman is better looking than the average 35 year old.

I'd draw an analogy to basketall and height. Taller players tend to be better, but plenty of short kids can outball lanky kids on the court.

A woman that ages well, keeps off the weight, and eats right can probably pull men well into her late 30s, early 40s. Just look at Carla Bruni. The average middle aged American woman..... not so much.

Audacious Epigone said...


Right, there are boatloads of fugly 25 yo girls (though even those who will become invisible by their mid-twenties are often at least cute at 18) and the occasional Bruni (even so, there are honestly girls I know who I'd tap before her if I were Adonis, assuming no fame considerations). The point is the average 24 yo is probably at about the 90th percentile among women who are a decade older.