Saturday, July 03, 2010

Testing the faith of ignorant blacks

A friend recently told me in his Spring anthropology 101 class at KU during, the state's flagship public university, the professor, in briefly outlining earth's histoical timeline, condescendingly joked that the alternative view is that dinosaur fossils do not actually date from at least 65 million years ago, but are instead there to test the faith. SWPL gold!

How I wish I could've been present to interject that blacks are considerably more likely to believe that God created man within the last 10,000 years than whites are. In fact, according to the results from a GSS question asked in 2004, a majority of blacks (56%, compared to 41% of whites) profess that belief rather than either of the other possible responses, both of which have something to do with evolution. So are we learning today, professor, that most blacks are ignorant?

Squirm, squirm!

GSS variables used: RACECEN1, CREATION


Anonymous said...

Few, and I mean very few, in the general public could explain anything about evolution.

So, there is plenty of "faith" in both camps.

The comments section following a recent New York Times article on culture and evolution plainly revealed plenty of fuzzy SWPL thinking.

The final commenter in the comments section suspects any belief in evolution is more ideology than understanding among the public and therefore may not be all that stable given the rapid increase in dim bulbs. The guy's comment (#123) is spot on:

"There is an astonishing amount of scientific illiteracy displayed in these comments, ranging from the person denying that evolution is "causal" on the grounds that it is "non-teleological" -- an absurd non sequitur, whether something is teleological has no necessary relation to whether it is causal -- to the gibberish about inheritance of "acquired traits." Evidently a significant portion of the NYT readership is composed of convinced Lamarckists. Sad. This article's research has absolutely nothing to do with Lamarckism. And that's not even to mention the various bonkers permutations of "evolutionary theory" other commenters are putting forward.

"Goes to show that creationists aren't the only ones operating with a miserably defective understanding of how the modern evolutionary synthesis works. Apparently most of the NYT readership is in the same boat as the creationists."

Anonymous said...

Are their beliefs different controlling for educational achievement?

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to see a racial breakdown for the stupidest beliefs imaginable. Blacks have always seemed far more gullible and susceptible to believing silly things and conspiracies, in part because they are given a pass, coddled and never receive the proper feedback, e.g., "you believe WHAT, moron? Run that by me again?"

Anonymous said...

Religion is the least of it; you'd be surprised how many Blacks believe in leprechauns:

Almost all the Blacks I've known (very many) believe in astrology, tarot, or whatever other superstition they're aware of.

OneSTDV said...

Almost all the Blacks I've known (very many) believe in astrology

One infamous HBD troll actually do this "professionally".

And that leprechaun video is a classic!

Peter A said...

If your 5 year old says something stupid, you don't laugh at him. If your college educated co-worker says something stupid you do. Same with blacks and whites and evolution. Stupid whites are seen by smart whites as an embarassment, stupid blacks are part of the natural order. Maybe SWPLs are more HBD aware than they realize.