Sunday, March 14, 2010

A diamond saved, a (lot of) penn(ies) earned

Gents, before you pop the question, netflix Blood Diamond and make it a date night at home on the couch. It might just save you three months' salary and net you a small SWPL status boost to boot. "T. I. A."


KingM said...

I think it's two months salary and this is obvious crap anyway. Diamonds aren't that pretty and they aren't that rare. And two months salary? Personally, that would mean about 16,000 dollars, which is ridiculous. Even someone making 15K a year would be expected to drop two grand.

NutUpOrShutUp said...

Blood Diamond was awful. It is basically a Swipple action flick. Swipple really love television series and films with lots of pretense dialog and boring but grotesque violence. Lost, Heroes, Blood Diamond, Inglorious Bastards, True Blood, Hurt Locker, District 9, and a bunch other movies and TV shows.

Audacious Epigone said...

My sentiments exactly. According to the wikipedia entry (which reads "The idea that a man should spend two to three months' personal wages for an engagement ring...", so it's somewhere in that vicinity), men don't tend to shell out quite that much, with the average ring reported to be worth $2100.


I found the portrayals of both rural and urban sub-Saharan Africa to be commendable in portraying just how deep and ubiquitous the continent's problems are. And unlike oil, for which a similar plotline could be strung together, diamonds are functionally useless--they're not carrying technological innovation forward or increasing our secular standard-of-livings.

Anonymous said...

"And unlike oil, for which a similar plotline could be strung together, diamonds are functionally useless"

You say that like most women were capable of understanding the difference.

silly girl said...

History Channel had a documentary with the same title. I had my 10 year old son watch it. It is better for people to see things as they are rather than just believe marketing and spin. When you have never experienced such things, it is hard to believe. When I was a kid, early 70's, I read about the gruesome rituals of native Americans, but now kids get the sanitized version. It is easy to fall for Dances with Wolves PC BS when you have no idea of the violence and primitive conditions that really existed. There is nothing noble about savages.