Friday, October 03, 2008

The question no one is asking

Why, when McCain's stance on immigration is at odds with most of those who will be voting for him, has there not been a single question concerning it in either of the debates thus far? Why hasn't Obama nailed him to the wall with it (or more gracefully, why haven't Obama supporters like Lehrer or Ifill done so)?

It would've been revealing to hear Palin address immigration, even abstractly. I wonder if she's yet received corrective education on comprehensive immigration reform.

The topic was conspicuously absent at the Republican National Convention as well. Stunning how something so prominent less than two years ago (looking back at pre-vote polling and exit polling data for the '06 election, I see it everywhere) is seemingly able to so suddenly vanish. I suspect it will reemerge sometime after January of next year, though.


Stopped Clock said...

Because it's the swing voters that McCain really needs, and many of them favor increased immigration. The real conservative base will vote for McCain no matter what because he's better than Obama.

Anonymous said...

I was unaware of Obama's stance on illegal immigration before reading this. I assumed he was apathetic on border security enforcement like his party. When I looked it up, however, it turned out to be the opposite. I find it very interesting that Obama, who ostensibly would take steps to reduce illegal immigration, leads among those most likely to be tolerant of it, while McCain's passive stance on it will likely do him no good. As point out in your previous post, however, the Hispanic vote will not make a great deal of difference in the election anyway.

Audacious Epigone said...


I've not seen a single poll showing majority support for increased levels of immigration, even among Democrats. That's why McCain's keeping quiet about it.


The white vote will, though, as it always does. In the swing states, it'll represent about 85% of the electorate.

al fin said...

Obama has no "stances." Obama only has words that he says when it is convenient to say them. His words have nothing to do with reality, and should not be taken to reflect an underlying viewpoint or conviction. Obama has no convictions.

Only an idiot would take anything Obama says at face value. Of course, he often says more than he realises. Read his books. Read the book "The Case Against Obamanation" (I know I conflated two titles, but this is my comment, not yours!) Obama has all the substance of a goose fart.

Stopped Clock said...

Well, my response to that is that the swing voters with conservatives views on any issue will always pick McCain over Obama, so it's the ones with liberal views that McCain needs to win over. But I realize that that logic isn't air tight, since there are third parties and a lot of people will refuse to vote at all. But nevertheless, McCain's strategy of going leftward along with the fact that I suspect that if by some miracle McCain does win he will reveal his true, pro-amnesty agenda after all, is probably the reason why he is not saying much about immigration.

Anonymous said...

You would think that Barack Obama, a black man who is concerned about black people, would be for strong border enforcement. Wages for jobs black people used to have are driven down badly by cheap illegal labor. It hurts working black families the most.

McCain is an open borders politician and was a driving force behind the amnesty bill last time. He'd love to vote for it as president as soon as it reached his desk.

This election is astonishing. Middle America really does not have a candidate that will reflect its concerns at all.

This election will be decided by about five or six swing states. The rest of the states are pretty set in stone on which way they will go. Im going to vote for some third party with no chance to win to show Washington that I care enough to vote. Im not voting for the biggest RINO on earth, McCain, however. Not to worry for the establishment conservatives however, my state will go for McCain, no matter what, unless there is a hundred active tornadoes on election day here.

Palin is the only reason this thing might even be close. If Bush had helped McCain campaign it would be a blowout-for Obama. If Hillary was running against McCain, it would be a REAL blowout.

Here is to hoping we have two years of some SERIOUS gridlock in Washington and perhaps a little foreign policy fire or two of no consequence that keeps Obama's hands tied until a big Republican (real Republicans, not neo-con-artists) win in two years. Thats the best we can hope for.

The establishment wants to force mate Mexico and America, and they will probably get it. Im sure there are those of us who will resist and put up the good fight, but what they want they generally get at this point. Thats the way it is these days in this nation. I just hope they bear the brunt of the ugly externalities that arise from it, but of course they wont. We will, as usual.

Stopped Clock said...

I suspect Obama is terrified of being rejected by Hispanics because it would shatter the myth that "only selfish white people vote Republican", and that he will be pandering to Hispanics even more than to blacks during his term as president.

Sgt. Joe Friday said...

It's all academic at this point. The stock market's reaction to the signing of the bailout bill has been to drop by about 400 points as of 7:30 this morning (west coast time). Bad economic news almost always hurts the incumbent party in the White House, so even if McCain were on the right side of the immigration issue, it wouldn't help. I don't think McCain can disconnect himself from Bush, and even if there's a "Bradley Effect" it won't be large enough to get McCain over the top.

Interestingly enough, the GOP establishment will take exactly the wrong message from this. Bush has ruined the GOP "brand," probably for at least a generation. All the media portrays Bush as some sort of right-wing kook, never seeing the obvious, which is that his true ideological godfather isn't Reagan or Goldwater, it's Nixon, who from a domestic policy standpoint was LBJ in GOP drag.

So on January 20, 2009 Obama will be sworn in as president and the circus will begin. Longtime Rush Limbaugh listeners will remember how Rush used to tease the press about the "Gorbasms" they had whenever Gorbachev would appear - you've seen nothing yet. The media is completely in the bag for Obama, and you can be sure that any opposition to his policies, or God forbid any actual failings on Obama's part will be blamed on "racism."

Audacious Epigone said...


Right. Randall Parker reported during the economic recovery following the '01-'02 slowdown the black unemployment rate actually rose. Blacks are going to feel a lot of pain over the next several months or years as credit markets contract and big box retailer sales decrease.


Most of the voting electorate is going to remain ignorant of Obama's history. The major media obviously isn't going to do an expose on it, and the McCain campaign seems content to play to Obama's strengths and put up the white flag of surrender on its campaign bus.

Sgt Joe,

The internet will be our refuge. At least the mellifluous celebration 'stories' are avoidable when you're in control of the browser.