Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama's authenticity and when to wash your hands

Occasionally I'm struck, as most people are from time to time, by a thought I perceive to be commonplace that turns out to be a novelty to many of the people I bring it up to. A few of those:

- Barack Obama really is an authentic African-American, something the blackest black guys like rapper 50 Cent, bred in Queens who has survived multiple bullet wounds, can't boast. Obama's father was an African and his mother was an American!

- Isn't it a better hygienic practice for men to wash their hands before urinating rather than doing so afterwards (I do both, although the latter is primarily to maintain a clean (heh) image)? It only takes a few minutes in a public area for hands to come into contact with all sorts of nastiness. The genitals, in contrast, come into contact with little other than (presumably) clean boxers or briefs.

- Bill Ayers' infamous "I don't regret setting bombs" and "I don't want to discount the possibility [of making the same decisions if I could travel back in time]" comments were published in the NYT on September 11, 2001. Why don't anti-Obama groups explicitly point this out? No, it wouldn't be fair to insinuate that his remarks about his memoirs were made in response to the towers coming down, but how would leftist media outlets respond to that insinuation? Would they risk focusing greater attention to Ayers and the Obama connection? How would Obama be able to respond to it? Dirty, but potentially harder hitting than the "Obama is a Muslim" tactic.


Stopped Clock said...

People do not like to be reminded that they are coming into contact with microbes all the time and that they can't do anything about it unless they want to look like OCD sufferers to the rest of the world. People don't wash their hands before entering the bathroom because to do so would mean acknowledging that their hands are already dirty. Washing the hands on the way out helps them mentally confine the dirtiness to the time spent inside the bathroom, which is under their control, and thus helps them maintain the fallacy that they are clean all the rest of the time.

agnostic said...

Oh c'mon, it was the '60s, and that kind of stuff was just in the air -- anyone in that situation would have set off bombs. Let's evolve beyond the past and not make dubious cross-temporal comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon, it was the '60s, and that kind of stuff was just in the air -- anyone in that situation would have set off bombs.

Agnostic, that has to be one of the most stupid things you have said.

I believe that probably no more than 5% of white males would have done that, even in the 60s (outside the context of being involved in the Vietnam or other wars).

agnostic said...

Hey dipshit, learn how to take a joke!

Michael Golden said...

You should wash your hands after you touch your genitals, because they have coliform bacteria on them:

Stopped Clock said...

Well, Cecil usually knows what he's talking about, but I'm not sure that really is a good answer. For one thing, it would seem to imply that women dont need to wash their hands; for another, it would seem that touching one's own belly or thighs is as equally as pestilicious as touching one's little bits, and I dont see people washing their hands after scratching an itch on their leg.

So no, I'm going to say that it's more or less a coincidence that the human instinctive sanitary sense which tells us that our private parts are dirty is actually correct in this case. People's hands are likely fairly dirty all the time, but they only acknowledge it when they have the ability to clean themselves without looking like an OCD case.

Anonymous said...

I clean my toothbrush with soap before I brush my teeth; especially because it stays in the traditional bathroom, the same room where defecation takes place.

Peter said...

One's hands probably pick up far more germs touching everyday objects than they do from using the restroom.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks for that. I'll just continue doing what I've been doing, washing before and after. When I'm wearing basketball shorts, I don't have to make contact to urinate, so it'll mostly just be out in public.


I slap my stomach when I stretch sometimes (it's a primordial thing, I think). So far everything's been okay.


I soak mine in Listerine once a week, although my toothbrush is in the kitchen (a benefit of living alone).

Anonymous said...

I soak mine in Listerine once a week, although my toothbrush is in the kitchen (a benefit of living alone).

I use Everclear. I could never stand the taste of Listerine.