Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whiterest story yet comes from NPR's Weekend Edition

I owe much of the pleasure I got from reading Stuff White People Like to NPR, where the tastes and purviews of whiterpeople are on full display. Last weekend, a story was aired (less than five minutes in duration) about how sluggish retail spending is effecting Whole Foods that contains in it ten--ten--of the things whiterpeople like. Most come in the first two minutes. They are (in addition to public radio):

- Whole Foods (the tour takes place inside of one)
- Manhattan (... one located in Manhattan, NY)
- Organic food (of course WF is full of it, and even those who are value-conscious can afford to buy)
- Sushi (the WF contains four sushi bars!)
- Vegetarianism/Veganism (the daily special is a kind of tofu burger)
- Two last names (the tour guide's name is Allie Crone-Smith)
- Having been poor before (only in the book; accompanying reporter Robert Smith are two people on a thin budget--because they're college students!--who need the value tour)
- Buying local (one of the college kids explains she's coming to WF's for this reason)
- Recycling (the value vouchers being handed out are printed, using soy ink, on recycled paper)

As a bonus, the reporter asks Crone-Smith if the store has considered posting a crazy spokesperson at the front of the store who shouts, "We stack it deep, we sell it cheap!" She delicately explains that such a tactic is not really the store's style, insinuating of course that the wrong kind of white people are into those sorts of gimmicks.

If you're unfamiliar with whiterpeople's cultural sensibilities, NPR is a prudent way (much more so than actually doing the things they enjoy, like going to plays or film festivals) to become less so.

Do make sure you flip back to talk radio regularly, however, to keep yourself abreast of what is actually going on in the world. As Clander points out on multiple occasions, whiterpeople are into psuedo-intellectual pursuits that appear sophisticated without requiring much cognitive effort (like the aforementioned film festival or books on architecture). What do John Stewart's, Stephen Colbert's, and Bill O'Reilly's viewerships/listenerships have in common? They're all better-informed than NPR's listenership is.


Sleep said...

So are we the opposite of whiterpeople, or what? I get the impression based on posts I see here and on iSteve that whiterpeople are somewhat a laughingstock of our web ring community, just as on SWPL itself, if not for entirely the same reason.

Peter said...

I'd make eleven whiterpeople references, by separating the soy ink reference (as opposed to nasty petroleum-based ink) from the recycled paper reference.

John S. Bolton said...

I'm going to be schoolmarm-ier- people than thou: 'value-conscious' and 'tactic' are presumably what you mean, not conscience and tact.
Effortless moral superiority is the secret ingredient in the whiterpeople's recipe, except for the class-signalling which tries to pump up the education component of the Duncan SES scale, putting down those who just have money, but no liberal taste.
Last time I came up against this, I brought up the second class identity of the Dhimmi relative to the Islamic immigration cohorts. This is the most amazingly easy status-lofting gambit one can do; the dhimmi is second class by definition, and no progressive can express any serious opposition to the introgression of Islamic rule.

Audacious Epigone said...


Speaking personally, it's kind of a mixed bag for me. I'm working on a post that looks a little more methodically at Agnostic's initial apology for the habits of whiterpeople (which he later kinda-sorta retracted), and I think on balance the stuff whiterpeople do is probably good. Whiterpeople are not an opposite, but many of their caricatured tastes and views I find ridiculous. Since whiterpeople basically form the white world's 'intellectual elite', they're put in sharp focus.


There should be a SWPL post on hating petroleum/oil companies. Currently, I think the closest Lander gets to that is the entry on hating corporations.


Thanks for the proofing. I've fixed the typos.

The Islamic view of the dhimmi can be thought analagous to the whiterpeople view of the wrong kind of whites--by virtue of a superior belief system, the former see themselves as axiomatically superior to the latter.

Anonymous said...

It appears JSB is displaying "whiterpeople" behavior himself, being obsessed with grammer and all! Then again, I'm sure the school he went to was "the Harvard of its region" and all that. You are on notice Mr. Bolton...

Audacious Epigone said...

Hehe, Anon is on the money. That's one of the whiterpeople positives though, for sure!

rob said...

I'm a bit annoyed by some aspects of the whitest bread culture that I don't share. I don't like their politics and blank-slatism.

That said, SWPL makes me remember why I prefer white and whiter culture and neighbors to others.

Superdestroyer said...

I believe that Whole Foods that you were discussing is in the new line of "Super" Whole Foods, even though the WF chain would never use the term.

The Super WF in Northern Virginia has four sit down cafes inside the store. I actually got to watch Emeril Lagasse filming a show for Discovery Planet Green channel (of course, that channel alone is very SWPL). And remember, gourmet cooking is SWPL just see Williams and Sonoma.

The best thing about WF being SWPL is that the customers are generally polite and will follow the conventions of the store.

However, I have noticed a signnifcant number of Asian-minorities in WF but few blacks and the only Hispanics seem to be some of the employees.

Audacious Epigone said...


Heh, being the only white person around is definitely not a benefit WF provides!

Anonymous said...

Super Whole Foods? Sorry, not boutique enough for my tastes.

Superdestroyer said...

If you look at the store in the Bowery in NYC, it is 71,000 square feet. It is in the super whole foods category.

Sleep said...

Perhaps it's rednecks who're the opposite of whiterpeople. When I was in college with a Brazilian roommate who was getting his first taste of rural white America I put on what I thought was a sort of ultra-white caricature personality to tease him. In retrospect though I think I was really just doing a nature-boy/city-boy kind of thing, which was easy for me because it's not much of a difference from my real personality.

Most of the stuff on SWPL means nothing to me, and while I can appreciate the humor in taking just a subset of white people and giving their stereotype the name "white people" as if it applied to all white people, just like whites do with blacks and Mexican stereotypes, it seems to me that whites are their own opposites here to a greater extent than blacks and Mexicans can ever be ... Ive never met any highly "unblack" blacks, for example, just ones that at best don't fit the stereotype that well.

Sleep said...

Was it Steve who added the r to whiterpeople, btw? also, it safe to say that Steve Sailer's blog is the main source for readers of this one, or do people often find you through other paths?

Audacious Epigone said...


I'd say popular black culture is further from whiterpeople than rednecks are, with rednecks located somewhere in between blacks and whiterpeople. In several ways (emphasis on masculinity and virility, sports preferences, social conservatism) rednecks are actually closer to blacks than to whiterpeople. This is one reason the title, initially appearing to be relating to white people in general even though it's obviously directed at the hip leftist, is humorous--whiterpeople are the whitest whites, culturally farther away from NAMs than middle class Focus on the Family whites are.