Friday, August 22, 2008

Dem support for McCain greater than Rep support for Obama

"Republicans for Obama" and the various media reports that Obama will appeal to many GOPers aside, McCain has greater support among Democrats than Obama does among Republicans. A Pew survey taken earlier this month shows 10% of registered Democrats supporting McCain, while 7% of registered Republicans support Obama.

Those figures are nearly identical to what occured in the '04 Presidential election, when 11% of Democrats voted for Bush and 6% of Republicans voted for Kerry, and also in '00, when 11% of Democrats voted for Bush and 8% of Republicans voted for Gore.

Obama is no more attractive to Republicans than other Democratic Presidential candidates have been over the last decade and McCain is no less attractive to Democrats than other Republican candidates have been over the same period of time. Those who insinuate otherwise are being disingenuous.


Anonymous said...

Those who insinuate otherwise are being disingenuous.

Just like the rest of the coverage by our leftist slime press. And on another note, it seems the University of Chicago has sealed some records that pertain to Barack Obama.

Audacious Epigone said...


Yes, Obama is going to be badgered by that seedy connection through the rest of the campaign. Ayers' quotes are not going to be easily brushed aside by much of the voting public.

anonymous_coward said...

There are two factors there that may skew your figures, but they operate in opposite directions.

One: former Hillary supporters may still be bitter about her loss, and currently claim that they'd support McCain. But when November rolls around, many of them will get over it and toe the party line.

Two: People may be overly enthusiastic in telling pollsters that they support a black candidate, to signal that they toe the whiterpeople line. In the actual election, they'll pull the lever for McCain.

Audacious Epigone said...


Good point. The same Pew study shows that former Hillary supporters are twice as likely to have questions about backing Obama as former other-than-McCain Republicans are to have questions about backing McCain.