Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't like Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel? Then have some more, on us!

I heard a ad on the radio noting the 'satisfaction guarantee' the service offers:

If you don’t find someone special during your initial 6-month subscription, we will give you an additional 6 months at no additional cost to you to continue your search.
If it doesn't work, feel free to keep on using it!

If a service has failed me from the beginning, I'm not sure how extending the time I'm able to use the service is going to be of much value to me. I think I'd just want my money back.


Sleep said...

This is a marketing ploy used by advertisers of all kinds of sales, from grocery stores to magazine companies. It's worded to sound like a satisfaction guarantee, but as you point out, the very people for whom the offer is valid are the ones least likely to take advantage of it.

To be fair, though, Match's idea of offering 6 months free if the first 6 months didn't work isn't that bad. It's not directly analogous to the Krusty thing. Someone who doesn't enjoy Krusty brand products the first time is unlikely to enjoy them the second time. Whereas a person looking for dates may have bad luck for 6 months ... or 6 years for that matter ... but giving up would probably not be a good idea.

However, having said [i]that[/i], I still think online dating services in general are a bad idea.'s own website brags about its success rate, and tells you that 200,000 customers have "found success" with But elsewhere on the site you can find a claim that they have 20,000,000 registered and activated customers, thus indicating a success rate of a little under 1 percent.

agnostic said...

"If you don't find your match within 6 months of 1000 emails per day, you're too damn picky. Get real!"

Peter said...

I don't know specifically about, but online dating services in general suffer from a numbers mismatch: they have too many men and too few women among their members. Women get hundreds or even thousands of contacts from men, while most men get nothing but come-ons from hookers and MOB agencies.

Audacious Epigone said...


After six months and the hundreds of thousands of people filtered through the compatibility profile thing you might still not have found a keeper? Agnostic's comment seems more plausible to me, but I've never used a dating service or known anyone well who has, so I'm pretty clueless.

Interesting bit on the members versus successes. I'm crunched right now, but I'd like to look at that. Sounds pretty funny when you think about it, really.


I haven't done in searching, but I was pondering that earlier today. Does Match show pictures? If it doesn't, I can't imagine ever even considering, and I assume a lot of men feel the same way. And unless you're looking for a serious long-term commitment, it seems like it'd require a lot longer time spent watching the bobber than would be necessary by just tapping into your own social networks. At the same time, I wouldn't think attractive (in a holistic way) women would see any point, assuming the male pool to be pretty weak. Do you have any idea of average age for users? I'd suspect it's up there, in the thirties or so. I could see such a method possibly appealing to me in a decade or so, but no sooner.