Thursday, June 19, 2008

Does the Mississippi pose a threat to New Orleans?

Dennis Mangan has posted an email from a reader that captures what more than a couple of people in this area of the blogosphere* have been thinking as flood waters from the Mississippi beat up on Iowa and are now breaching levees in northern Missouri--the scenes of devastation differ from those in New Orleans almost three years ago. The response in Cedar Rapids looks more like the response in Chalmette, not the response in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina.

What are the chances of surging Mississippi waters carrying all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, thus passing through New Orleans? How starkly naked an example of human biodiversity would that present?

The river is expected to approach flood stage in Vicksburg, Mississippi, about 170 miles or so north of New Orleans, by the end of this month. The South was hit by droughts, not floods, last summer, and this year has been dry so far as well. But more rain farther upriver could conceivably still cause problems.

* I'll call it the Sailersphere from now on. The perspicacious sites listed off to the right, in addition to many others that I visit regularly, just about all share an interest in Steve Sailer's work, so it captures the essence of what I'm trying to get at pretty well, even though it's a pretty vague description.


Anonymous said...

we already opened the spillway once this year to keep the stage and flow rate down. I hope we don't have to do it again.

New Orleans

mattm said...

That would be something if the spillway had to be opened again. It never has been opened more than once in the same year.

Audacious Epigone said...


Any idea on the chances of it? I'm pretty clueless.

mattm said...

i have no idea, have not heard anything mentioned by local media regarding river levels.

my guess is it will depend on how much it rains in the next few weeks.

New Orleans News Ladder said...

The New Orleans News Ladder has copious maps, USGS flood gauge links from New Orleans all the way up the river, links Morganza Spillway maps, links to aid agencies etc.
You can use these together to get a good view of the River as it rises this way.

Thank you for staying on top of this.
Editilla~New Orleans News Ladder

Half Sigma said...

Sailersphere. Hmmm. This implies I'm just a Sailer groupie with no original thoughts.

But he did boldly go where no blogger had gone before.

Audacious Epigone said...


Guys like you and the GNXP crew obviously are big leaguers among shrimps like myself. I didn't mean for the term to indicate lock-step thought, not at all. Just that those I'm including share in common a regular reading of iSteve.