Saturday, February 02, 2008

Treehouse of Horror VI; Homer not the only one to enter our realm?

Steve Sailer writes:

I didn't notice the Ned Flanders similarity that several readers have stated they see in him.

He was referring in part to the squirrely persona that emanates from Flanders, not so much in his real word choice or the tone of his voice but in his excessive use of non-word suffixes ("-diddly", "-doodly", etc), which Romney doesn't share. But how dissimilar are they? Steve also writes:
Romney looks like he's, what, 48? But it says on Wikipedia that he'll be 61 in six weeks.

In "Viva Ned Flanders" the putatively forty-something Flanders is revealed to actually be sixty. He's maintained his youthful appearance through "clean-living". Well, Romney doesn't smoke or drink.

Both men have given birthed only sons, a sure sign of God's favor! Both men are faithfully devoted to their wives (the inconvenient Simpsons' episode in reference excepted!) and children. And both men seem too Good to be true.

They even look similar (if only Flanders would ditch the old pushbroom)...


Rob said...

There was an episode about Flanders being unfaithful?

Audacious Epigone said...

Yeah, the one where he is revealed to be 60. He asks Homer to teach him how to live life to its fullest, and they end up in a shotgun style wedding in Las Vegas. Tenth season, at or around the time the show hit the precipice from which it never recovered, in my opinion.

Al Fin said...

It's pretty easy to heap scorn on the straight white male. Predictable in his hard-working devotion and loyalty to family, community, and country, the mainstream media sees him as boring.

Since that's how the media sees him, that's how the trendy, wannabe fashionable set sees him as well.

It's a lot like sawing off the limb you're sitting on, a hundred feet up without a net or safety rope. What a lovely, self-defeating popular culture, eh?

Anonymous said...

Romney's gonna win 'cause he's the tallest candidate!:

Heights of United States Presidents and presidential candidates


rob said...

Hibernia girl,

The pattern was broken with Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry.

I think whoever looks like he could take the other candidate in a fight wins. Gore and Kerry were tall, but they looked stiff, and like they couldn't scrap.

Hillary will win: A solid knee in the nuts wins any fight.


I had forgotten that. Did Flanders consumate the marriage?

Audacious Epigone said...

Al Fin,

And his Mormonism offers him no 'protection' (yet also less defensive blowback from the putative 'religious right' than a typical faithful male WASP would receive), whereas Hillary's gender, Obama's ancestry, and McCain's military service do.


So should it be awhile before we can expect a female President? Or have we entered a short Younger Dwarfyas stadial, that started with Clinton, carried through to Bush after a brief blip, and may last for a few more terms?


I can't recall offhand. I'll have to refresh myself. As a service to you, I'll watch that episode tonight during dinner. I'm always there to aid you!

Rob said...

Oh, the sacrifices you make for your readers!

ps Chuck Norris had sex with your mom, and when your dad found out, he gave him a high five.

Steve Sailer said...

George H.W. Bush had some Flandersian mannerisms. I've never seen in person either President Bush, but I for five minutes once to the current President's brother Neil, and he has all the mannerisms of both his father and his brother -- he's like Dana Carvey and Will Ferrell rolled into one!

Audacious Epigone said...


It doesn't specify what takes place physically. Presumably the marriages are null because neither of the two filed for divorce, although that's not explicitly clear either.