Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Romney rapidly closing gap on McCain in California

The latest polls have Romney and McCain neck-and-neck in California. The state isn't winner-take-all, but would be an enormous boost for the former Governor. Despite the uncertainties he brings, in this case I'd say the devil you don't know is actually better than the one you do (at least it's difficult to see how he could be any worse).

Registered Republicans in the Golden State--vote in the primary today. Make it happen. No less than the obliteration of our national border and a(n attempt to maintain the foundations for) century-long commitment of US troops in the 130 nations we currently have them stationed in is on the line. You have until 8pm.


Anonymous said...

McAmnesty's supporters in West Virginia resorted to urging voters to vote for Huckabee to deny Romney, who had an early lead, the delegates in the winner-take-all-state. They succeeded something like 52-48, giving a preacher with no chance the delegates.

Huckabee is an embarrasing joke at this point, staying in only to hurt Romney and hoping to get a VP slot or whatnot. Im very dissapointed in him personally.

There should not be winner-take-all-delegate scenario's unless the winner won an overwhelming majority of the votes. Its WRONG for McCain to get Florida's delegates after winning a mere 33% of the vote there.

al fin said...

McCain's victory will assure a Democratic victory in November.

The passionate repubicans who traditionally participate in "getting out the vote" have just been given their walking papers.

The elitist fringe of the Republican Party as typified by Schwarzenegger, Crist, the R members of the "gang of 14" etc, have just told the Republican Party Engine that it is no longer needed.