Saturday, February 09, 2008

No mutual trust (but at least reciprocity!) in Gaza incursion into Egypt

Why the threat of an Islamic caliphate stretching from West Sahara to Pakistan is overblown:
Many of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who poured across the border into Egypt to buy non-essential goods that Israel has placed an embargo on used counterfeit Israeli money to make their purchases.

Phony Israeli currency has reportedly been printed in Gaza since Israel withdrew from the territory in 2005.

But the Egyptians also failed to play fair, reportedly selling food and other perishable goods to the Palestinians that were past their expiration dates.
That vast section in the middle can't seem to do much right economically save for having strongmen ensure oil flows eastward and westward. Tribalism, maintained in part through high rates of incestuous marriage, gives more than a kernel of truth to the Bedouin proverb:
I against my brother. I and my brother against our cousin. I, my brother and our cousin against the neighbors. All of us against the foreigner.

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