Saturday, January 19, 2008

Magic: The Gathering and Eight (the Hero), Yangus, Jessica, Angelo


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love magic the gathering, other than that I am a yuppie and will go back to living out my magic passion in the shadows.

Audacious Epigone said...

Heh, well, I too am anonymous! But unlike you, I have little shame. I'm more than happy to oblige someone in conversation about the game (although I haven't played in years), even at the risk of irritating the less childish sophisticates who I'm putatively on par with!

Heylookitsamoose said...

Eight is way way too overpowered, it should be required that you pay part of your life in addition to sacrificing him or something in order to activate something that powerful.

Jessica is okay, but the wording could all be different, like maybe instead of the eight sided die, flip and call two coins, and if you loose both tap the creature? Unless there is something to do with the original character involving some kind of numeric mechanic...

Angelo seems a bit overpowered as well. If you wanted him to keep haste, vigilance, first strike, life link, and his activated ability, you would have to at least drop his toughness to 1-2. It really wouldn't be that bad, because with first strike he'll kill most things that come at him before they even reach him, and with vigilance he'll be a great blocker as well, not only killing most medium creatures your opponents throw at him but giving you life every time he attacks or blocks.

Yangus is another bomb card. If i'm reading him right, his first ability calls for you to put onto him one tension counter, plus x, where x is the number of counters on him at the beginning of your turn (upkeep would be a better call point)? Or are they supposed to be x +1/+1 counters? If the latter, the card won't work at all. If the previous, I really think he either needs to loose trample or have negative power to start with and have a lower casting cost. Like if he cost 1RRR for a -2/3 or something, He would be a pretty good card.

sorry for being critical, but I actually see potential in some of these for being decent cards. Either way, very creative abilities, I like them very much!

Audacious Epigone said...


Thanks for the suggestions!

I've been out of the game for ~five years. When I left, the upkeep/untap/draw phase had recently all been merged into one, so I'm a little shaky on how to verbalize it now. What I wanted to avoid re: Jessica is the ability to assign creatures to dice before untapping, so that if they are to be tapped they can then be untapped immediately.

Re: Eight,

Perhaps the progression should start with X equaling his power minus one? Or maybe make him a 4/4 instead?

It is a great weenie killer, and the potential to sling for five against a control deck (since he can't be countered) is devastating. The creature enchantment protection is pretty tame, but I wanted something to represent how he is impervious to curses.

Re: Jessica,

Right, a two-flip coin sequence would be 1/4, just as the 1 or 6 on an 8-sided die is. I wanted to use the 1 and 6 in reference to the 6-eyed diemon enemy that "rolls his eyes like dice" (which always come up as either 1 or 6).

Re: Angelo,

Hehe, well, he's my favorite character. I probably should've removed the tapping for damage (which is supposed to be in reference to his bow-wielding capabilities) and maybe the vigiliance, too. Still, he's easily annihilated by burn (if that's what red damage is still called) via lightning bolt.

Re: Yangus,

The X+1 refers to the number of tension counters. So the turn after summon, he can put one tension counter on. The following turn, he can add two more. The next turn, three more (at this point, if all are removed he's +18/+0 until end of turn). Five turns after summon, he could potentially do over 20 damage. I should've topped the tension counters off at three total, probably.