Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hate crime rates by state; Republican voters the solution?

Following on the heels of a nationwide noose scare, the nearly 8% uptick in hate crimes reported to law enforcement agencies in 2006 over the year before is surely indicative of the malice simmering in the hearts of white America.

True, blacks and Native Americans are both more likely than whites (including most Hispanics, who are not reported on separately) are to commit hate crimes, but that is driven by institutional oppression and the passive-aggressive ethos of intractable white privilege. Indeed, the blacks and Native Americans who commit these 'crimes' are reacting in the only way they are able. The system affords them no other. Thus, they, and not their supposed victims, are the actual victims of hate!

The repository of this white hate, of course, is in those places of the country where oppressive 'traditional' values are most feverishly embraced. These cultural mores are euphemized ('chivarly', which is sexism; 'merit', which is racism and other isms; 'marriage', which is homophobia; 'rule of law', which is xenophobia; and so forth). In an attempt to legitimize this hateful system, the term 'conservatism' is often used to broadly describe it!

Well, skyrocketing hate crimes reveal just what this conservatism is really all about! The most tolerant states, determined by the number of hate crime incidents per 100,000 people (adjusted for the total population covered by the agencies participating in the FBI tracking program), colored according to how they voted in the 2004 Presidential election:

RankStateHCs per 100,000
9.North Carolina1.19
16.New Mexico1.64
18.Rhode Island1.78
19.West Virginia1.99
23.South Carolina2.55
26.North Dakota2.80


32.New Hampshire3.44
33.New York3.46
48.New Jersey8.70
49.District of Columbia9.80
50.South Dakota12.67

Er, uh, well, evidence the horrors the courageous Brokeback Mountain wrought on South Dakota's gay community! Those troglodytes refused to let their home state be portrayed as a modern-day Gomorrah! Oh, the movie took place in Wyoming? I see. But isn't that closet Senator from somewhere around there...?

Okay, I've probably overdone the mockery by now.

Parenthetically, the rates are based on the number of crimes that are reported, not just on cases that are solved. So the objection that law enforcement agencies in surprisingly 'tolerant' states don't seriously mobilize in their efforts to get to the bottom of reported hate crimes, whatever its veracity, is immaterial to the rankings.

Over half of South Dakota's reports come from Rapid City, the population of which is more than 10% Native American (the data on offenders are not broken down at the state level, but Native Americans commit a disproportionate number of hate crimes). Hawaii does not participate in the FBI tracking program.

The point is to illustrate the absurdity of the 'hate crime' designation, which is subjectively tagged to any of the 15+ classifications of crime as you and I understand criminality. It says nothing about the severity of the crimes, nor does it provide any meaningful insight into crime trends across the country (incidents designated under the "hate" heading comprise less than .07% of the total number of crimes, or less than 1 in 1,500).

Instead, it gives race hustlers and morally posturing white elites, along with media sympathizers, opportunities to rail against the white bourgeoise for a fabricated collective offence. While a closer look at the hate crime numbers still doesn't indict whites as these forces would like it to, that closer look is rarely taken. And in any case it helps obscure meaningful statistics on crime, the knowledge with which the nation at large surely cannot be trusted!


Rob said...

Hey AP,

Guess who got his near-retarded ass into grad school?

Me! I start a masters in engineering in January.

Is an easy place to find per capita income for American minorities by state?

savage said...

It cannot help but be wondered, how many of the crimes said to be committed by whites is in actuality by hispanics. Hispanic on black crime grows in the streets of southwestern cities. There is a mutual hostility between the two groups. As such it is plausible that the number is rather large, which might also explain why the data shows victimization for hispanics but not for perpetrators.

Audacious Epigone said...


Congratulations. The false modesty isn't necessary. Where will you be going?

I'm not aware of a site that aggregates the data, but you can probably find it on just about every state using the 2000 Census. I found pertinent information for the state of Kansas immediately.


The same thought crossed my mind when I was looking at the numbers. Conceivably it is more difficult to identify a Hispanic during the course of a violent crime than a black (both relative to a white), but that difference is probably pretty negligible as a percentage of total crimes. And there is a category for an offender whose race is unknown. It is especially interesting to me in light of just what you point out regarding the Southwest.

Rob said...

Thanks AP, but when it comes to visual-spatial ability, I'm near retarded, which could be a problem in engineering. But there is a li'l bit of evidence that spatial ability is amenable to training. And some interesting correlates of performance IQ and mental differences. Tone deaf people have less spatial ability, depressed people have depressed(hah) spatial ability, so do ADHD people.

Where I'm going: Boston University. They gots a program for non-engineers who want masters in it.

I asked the question because I'd like to see how income for African-Americans correlates with the percent of the population that is white. Then I want to see if Black South Africans fit roughly on the curve or not.

I'm also concerned that Hispanic immigration is depressing African-American incomes beyond competition for jobs by, roughly, reducing how well-organized society is.

undergroundman said...

Conveniently, most of those states have much higher urban and minority populations. Lie with statistics much?

Are you really so naive as to think that Mississippi doesn't have hate crimes? The better explanation is that in Mississipi, hate crimes are dismissed.

Audacious Epigone said...


That last piece is especially interesting. A lot of variables to consider, though. I presume that the 'hunkering down' hurts blacks more than whites, so you might be able to get at it without data over an extended period of time. The 2000 Census should have everything you need (minus the info on South Africa) if you do a little digging.


No, I'm not that naive. I agree with you. That was the purpose of the post in the first place.

I'm going to respond to your comment as a separate post tomorrow, when I have ample time. It'll give me an opportunity to discuss something related that is too obscure to merit a stand-alone post.

plasticdeath said...

Don't hate on Mississippi, we have the highest percentage of African Americans than any other state. With this high diversity factor and extreme poverty, you cannot state that blacks and hispanics have no other choice than to commit hate crimes. But this is just commie liberal garbage spewed out of a mindless mouth.


Toyfarer said...

Hawaii? And DC is not a State...
Just an FYI...

Jonester said...

I found it odd the the Democrat states have more hate crimes per capita. Maybe because the blue states actual arrest and prosecute hate crime perpetuators.