Monday, November 19, 2007

Couple thoughts on football

Seeing the promising young quarterback Jason Campbell being harassed by the best Cowboys' pass rusher since Charles Haley in DeMarcus Ware got me thinking. Ware forced Campbell into two intentional grounding penalties, costing the Redskins 20 yards. Why not throw the ball at the feet of a pass rusher when in the pocket or when scrambling without being able to get the ball forward far enough to avoid the intentional grounding call?

The rulebook doesn't explicitly specify whether or not grounding can be called on a tipped ball, but I've never seen a flag thrown when a pass is swatted down behind the line of scrimmage, even though no receiver is in the area.

"He's back to 80% today. So he'll be starting."

Referring to a player's status using a percentage is virtually always stated incorrectly. If he is four-fifths of what he normally is, tautologically, as, say, a halfback, he's running a lumbering 5.2 forty and getting lucky if he can squat 400 pounds. There isn't that much difference between the starter and whoever comes in as number two. In reality, he probably needs to be at 95%-plus to get the start.

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