Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Attack of the Killer Nooses!

This audio report was not produced by The Onion. To the contrary, it was indirectly produced by American readers, through an annual transfer of almost $500 million in taxpayer money to the CPB. It is, apparently, to be perceived as serious news reporting. Unfortunately, reporter Mike Pesca has not yet been able to infiltrate a noose stronghold!

The piece runs for less than five minutes. In that span, the word "noose" is mentioned a full 24 times (once every 11 seconds). This noxious pandemic is real, and it threatens the very lives of you and your family!

A cynic might say the two most recent media hunts for the evil white bigot, in the Duke lacrosse case and in Jena, Louisiana, have ended up revealing the most culpable characters to be black. That cynic is wrong! Yes, the vicious assault on a lone white kid (who had nothing to do with the putative impetus, a few nooses found under a popular student gathering spot months prior) by six black athletes who were anything but stand-up guys, proves that the next lynching of an enfeebled black man is merely hours away (the last lynching in the US occured more than a quarter-century ago). Hostile nooses draw near!

Pay no heed to the fact that while 38% of the public have reservations about a Mormon in the Whitehouse, 23% with a woman, and 20% with a Hispanic, only 11% are say the same about a black occupying the place. No time to wonder what percentage of the public would express discomfort in choosing a WASP for the Presidency (I suspect it would be higher than 11%)--hostile nooses draw near!

Nevermind that blacks are 7-9 times more likely to commit violent crimes than whites are, or that in 85% of interracial crimes the perpetrator is black, or that a black is nearly 40 times more likely to commit a violent crime against someone who is white than viceversa, or that blacks are more than twice as likely as whites to commit an officially designated hate crime, the parameters of which are tailored to be used in charging whites for aggression against non-white minorities.' Hostile nooses draw near!

Forget the racial cleansing campaigns taking place in Los Angeles, involving Hispanic and black street gangs, or that there exist Hispanic havens that are no-go places for blacks in America's most diverse city (of course, there are places in virtually every major US city that are no-go for whites). While there may not be a particular location that is a no-go zone due to white aggressiveness, wherever there is a white man, it must be remebered that hostile nooses likely draw near!

No need to raise the issue of lynchings in, say, Guatemala, where there have been 29 confirmed thus far this year in that country. The actual number is likely higher still, given that only 2% of homicide crimes are solved. How this might be relevant, in the face of migrants and drugs entering illegally from Guatemala into the US is of scant concern, though. After all, hostile nooses draw near!

Additionally, the story serves as a reminder of the blatant leftward bias of government radio. The 'experts' interviewed by Pesca of NPR consist of a researcher from the Southern Poverty Law Center and NAACP chairmen Julian Bond. That most Western media outlets skew leftward is nothing novel or ambiguous, but if the majority of your news consumption comes from the internet, allow the report to serve as a quick refresher.

Dennis Dale has more on the growing threat, and Steve Sailer reports on how the nefarious ropes have expanded into the realm of the metaphysical.


Anonymous said...

This whole noose thing is a counterattack. Recent times have not been good for leftists/liberals and their pets, the black population. After years of covering for heinous, depraved and massive amounts of black crime and failure(acdemic, social, intellectual, economic, etc...), the whole thing really exploded with the Knoxville murders. (I had originally though that the Katrina situation would be the explosion). The left/press(the same thing) couldn't keep the lid on and this crime(thank God for the internet!), a war crime really, made it into the national scene(there was a similar crime called the Wichita Massacre some years ago, but how many have heard of that?). Next came the Jena case, another example of black criminality and violence with the black community supporting a pack of criminals. Then Dr. Watson opened his mouth and basically gave proof to what everyone knows is true. He paid the price, but there is no going back. Put these high profile examples against the steady and never changing backdrop of black failure and behavior and something had to be done. There had to be a response. So we have this breathless coverage of these horrible noosings all over the land.
Like I said, this is a counterattack. You can always tell how badly blacks are behaving and failing by the amount of coverage and discoveries of "White Racism." The more stories of racism and "hate" and nooses the more depraved blacks are. You would have thought that the Kolumbia Klavern of the KKK was riding through campus on horses and white sheets a few weeks ago in NYC. But there has been silence since then. Have Stormfront skinheads made off with evidence yet again? Everyone knows the reality, even blacks. I don't know of a single white person, liberals included, who actually believe that these noosings are the product of the klan or skins, etc...but they are uncomfortable with the fact that it is either blacks or leftists/liberals doing it(I can't blame them really, their entire worldview is crumbling.). The recent events and findings on race have put them back on their heels, but this particluar battle isn't even close to being over. But we are in a race war, please remember that. And be careful. Blacks now have carte blanche to attack whites for any reason or none at all and the gov't/left/press in many cases will side with them. As a white, especially if your are middle, working class or poor, will be sacrificed for the liberal/leftist charade and to keep blacks happy. (Most of you are nothing but stupid rednecks who get what you deserve). Don't expect any mercy either. I have said it before and I will say it again: Your skin color is your uniform. That goes for liberals and leftists as well. Don't forget that you are expendable too for the cause. Stay safe.

savage said...

Infinitely more the fault rests with the enablers of this chaos. In giving those predisposed to anarchy license to be anarchical, what other outcome is to be expected? The inclusion of the Hispanic ingredient guarantees a further sufferance by blacks - a sufferance that will be felt by the nation at large through increased social failings, crime, illegitimacy, joblessness. Those like this Pesca must not be written off as ideological fools, but as mendacious destroyers of civilization.

Audacious Epigone said...

It is difficult to deny a common thread in both of your comments--that leftist elites are waging a conscious campaign against middle class and working class whites in this country.


Yes, the Wichita Massacre was heinous, beyond description in its animalistic brutality. Taking white couples from their homes, forcing them to perform sexual acts with one another and then with their two black butchers, and then executing them in a snowy field (well, all but one, who managed somehow to survive). But it was only in the top of KC news cycle for the day, if memory serves, even though we're only a couple of hours northeast of Wichita.