Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holding the reigns of the behemoth

++Addition++I meant for the structures with national names on them to represent the US' relationship with the respective countries (they might also be thought of as said places' national honor), not the actual nations themselves.


Has anyone seen a cartoon criticizing US foreign policy of being steered recklessly by a glut of foreign interest groups, as regular proles, sad and exhausted, toil away to make it all possible. I've not come across one. I envision something like this:

The people on top of the ball would be tagged as lobbyists for Armenians, AIPAC members, Taiwanese nationalists, Chinese businessmen, CAIR, La Raza officials, ostensible Buddhists (Richard Gere, perhaps), etc, scuffling with one another for control of the steering wheel. The window inside the ball reveals worn out average joes shoveling coal into the fire, powering the motor. The structures with the names of countries have been previously damaged by the ball.

Nevermind the atrocious artistic (in)ability made worse by using Microsoft paint or questions over how a ball could roll around with people remaining on top of it the entire time. Make the vehicle a battering ram instead. A good cartoonist would take care of those details, anyway.

Such a sketch would hit home with people across the political spectrum.


Anonymous said...

WTF does the US have to do with Burma? That is the PRCs backyard. If there is US involvement other than to tell wthm what a horrible nation they have and how oppressive they are, it is news to me. Sanctions were leveled again against them recently, but that means just about less than nothing. It isn't like I am missing the fact there are no Burmese products to buy all of a sudden.

mensarefugee said...

It isn't like I am missing the fact there are no Burmese products to buy all of a sudden.


Anonymous said...

I was not trying to be flip with my comment about Burma, but this cartoon claims that US foreign policy is wrecking a number of nations. There is not much evidence that we have wrecked Japan (lately) or the PRC. Defeating Japan in WW2 notwithstanding, we have lost just about every trade war with them(it is very difficult to sell American products in Japan without jumping through hoops), not to mention Toyota is now the largest automaker in the world.
I am surprised the PRC can actually manage to have a functioning nation because it is hard to get shit done when you are rolling on the floor laughing hard all the time at the US. These guys threatened to nuke LA a few years ago. Our response was so soft and weak I was ashamed to be an American that day. There are PRC spies all over the US and PRC military intelligence hacks and probes our gov't and industry computer systems on a regular basis. After Tianamen, the US issued strong statements and did, well, nothing, except to ask if we could increase our business with them. We really showed them how much we disapprove! And when they invade Taiwan, we won't do jack shit either and we both know it.
Iran? They have no problem aiding our enemy in Iraq and the US has done nothing either about that. (At the very least, we should have grabbed some of the Iranians aiding and training our enemy in Iraq, shot them dead and shipped their bodies back to Tehran COD, in ziploc bags, but we didn't. And we look like the pussies we are for it because we are afraid of "widening the war.") The Iranians must be doubled over with laughter. Those fuckers are helping with the IEDs that kill our people on a regular basis and the best we can do is hold a press conference. Talk about giving those assholes a license to do whatever they want.
Turkey? They told us to get bent when we asked to use them as a base to invade back in 2003. Right now we are afraid to piss them off.
This cartoon used a wrecking ball. How about an image of a noodle-armed weakling who is barely able to swing a foam nerf bat? The only country these lobbyists are fucking up is our own. The "cartoonist" also forget to add the massive anchor that represents the dead weight of our worse than useless minority population.

Audacious Epigone said...


I should've made clear although for whatever reason I did a terrible job in doing so (and have now clarified) that the damage was to be our relationship with the countries, not the actual countries themselves, of which only Iraq might make sense.

Regarding Japan, the silly House resolution regarding WWII, etc.

Anonymous said...

Well, it was a pretty good rant if I say so myself and I meant every word of it. Even in light of your clarification, I still say that by far the damage done has been to the US as a country and not so much to our "relationship" with these nations. In fact, taking their point of view, I would argue the "relationship" has probably never been better for them, economically, politically, etc... irregardless of how much they whine, moan and bitch in public. In private they are either counting their money9Japan and China), or laughing themselves silly over the number of dead Americans they have helped kill(Iran), how they have screwed us yet again(Turkey). And the worst and most humiliating part of it all is that we do nothing, in fact, we apologize and prostrate ourselves like whipped curs, while groveling. It makes me sick to my stomach and enraged as well. We should be sticking some heads on pikes and that includes some so-called "Americans" as well.

Anonymous said...

Capt. Tibbets has died and I read this in the story:

"In 1976, he was criticized for reenacting the bombing during an appearance at a Harlingen, Texas, air show. As he flew a B-29 Superfortress over the show, a bomb set off on the runway below created a mushroom cloud.

He said the display "was not intended to insult anybody," but the Japanese were outraged. The U.S. government later issued a formal apology."

We had to apologize for defeating a nation that attacked us, not to mention that fact that they killed our people who they captured for laughs. Sorry to rant, but we are always apologizing for shit, even stuff we didn't do. Disgusting and shameful.

Audacious Epigone said...


I don't disagree with your sentiment regarding Gen Paul Tibbets at all. I wish we'd never invaded Iraq, but the middling position has been much worse than dropping leaflets in places like Mosul, with checkpoints around the town, that warned in a day the place would be reduced to rubble. Our hands-tied approach reveals an utter lack not only of the advantage of military might in war (quite obviously), but also a complete lack of understanding of the Middle East.

I am an American-firster for sure. What I object to is our doing the bidding of other nations, or various special interests that represent them within the US, earning ire that does not benefit us in the least. Why pass a resolution blasting Japan for what it did to China? Or of how the PRC handles Tibet?

Anonymous said...


Here we go again. Now the press is worried that some assholes don't "love" the US? WTF? Who cares?! The US is always worried about being popular like some kid in high school, even if this is contradictory to our actual interests as a nation. Do other countries worry about this kind of bullshit?