Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gay guys obsessed with sex because they, and their partners, are guys

The 'provocative' Folsom Street Fair official poster brings to mind the question of why leading figures of the 'gay rights' movement so consistently confirm putatively negative stereotypes about the gay lifestyle (the event isn't explicitly gay-oriented, but gay men comprise the bulk of those participating). Imagine if a group of La Raza council members publicly leered at middle school girls on their way to class or if Al Sharpton led protesters in Jena holding a sign that read "Not jus' Jena, we bustin' yo' sorry asses 'cross da country".

Yet virtually every organized display of homosexual pride features kinky carnality, usually displayed by males. However the gay community feels about the stereotype (my sense is that it is pretty mixed, with lesbians much less likely to flaunt their sexuality than gay men are), it isn't surprising that gay men are more likely than just about any other group to act like sex nuts.

Both parties to the 'union' have the male sex drive to contend with. Imagine if the girls you were attracted to had the same drive as you, with a similar disinclination toward long-term commitments. That is repulsive to some guys, but to far fewer than such a situation is to most girls. Among readers, it probably would not represent much of a change in the way life is lived. But as we travel west along the bell curve, the benefits of impulse restraint becomes less and less obvious. Women generally control access, so they are crucial in limiting and restraining activity among men. Gay guys don't enjoy (suffer?) from this.

The bathhouses and the bathroom stalls have always been a gay guy thing. As cultural acceptance of homosexuality becomes more widespread, expect more of this carnality to be on public display. The stark contrast between gay men and lesbians will similarly become even more obvious (that is, the animalistic sensuality of the gay pride parades versus the soulful platonism of the Indigo Girls).


agnostic said...

It's hilarious how all such posters showcase the tiny minority of macho dudes, rather than the typical sissified event planner or hairstylist.

It's also interesting that there's a Black guy in a bondage-themed poster. You never see African males or females who are into kinky stuff. Most of the weird pornography comes from introverted, brooding populations like Germans or the Japanese, maybe the Russians too.

Among Latin cultures, I think it's still the Whiter ones that are more interested in kinky sex (Italy vs. the Dominican Republic, and Italy not even that much).

But gay guys aren't introverted and brooding -- just the opposite, exhibitionistic. What's the principal component of the variance here, then?

MarcZ said...

"It's hilarious how all such posters showcase the tiny minority of macho dudes, rather than the typical sissified event planner or hairstylist."

I can't click on the links cause I'm at work, and last time I clicked haphazardly on a link a photoshopped image of a naked Vladimir Putin popped up, to my horror. (Damn the editors of Exile, Moscow's alternative English language newspaper!)

But if they are anything like what I'm used to seeing in the gay world, you shouldn't assume that even the buff/muscular guys in the photos or posters are macho. Plenty of gay gays who are effeminate in their speech and behavior are also seriously into weightlifting (i.e. looking good) and come across, visually, as "all man." A common complaint among gay men: "He was hot until he opened his mouth," the implication being that he was built like a brick wall and looked great from across the bar, but talked like a sissy when approached. (What a letdown!)

As for gay guys not being introverted and brooding... bah! There are plenty of sensitive, gay bookworms (I'm one myself) and gay geeks. Still, the gay subculture is such a meat market for the reasons that Epigone already got into that even a nerdy introvert like myself feels compelled to bust his ass at the gym and go shirtless at pride to fit in.

Audacious Epigone said...


I suppose it's akin to a poster advertising a Harley ride (it's a big thing where I live), with gorgeous biker babes in non-biking positions. The females who actually participate in those wear leather skin that bears the distorted resemblance of tatooes that once were, with raspy voices and a pack of smokes butting out of jeans that are too tight given how little they actually represent the women in the ads.

Here are some pictures from the fair. It's a lillywhite event. It's hard to see a distinct pattern, but it seems to be mostly people of northern European descent. To the extent that Italians are into the kinky thing, might it be the consequence of more openess as compared to other Latin cultures, rather than a difference in desires?

I'd guess it has to do with 'letting yourself go' for those who're more introverted, like a faun released into a jumble of nymphs. But I've only known one gay guy who I'd consider introverted. Most are gregarious and a little wacky in public.


I should've put a warning about the pictures not being 'worksafe' (although they are not pornographic).

Interesting. More broadly, the complaint is that gay guys like macho men but most gays are effeminate, then?

Audacious Epigone said...

Pictures are here, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here a Tom's of Finland customer? But seriously, gay guys are some of the hardest working people in the gym and often in the best shape as well.

SFG said...

Could someone explain the gay/SM connection to me? I never got it.

Audacious Epigone said...


'SM' referring to sadistic/masochistic, I take it. Regarding gay men, again, they're both guys; more able to be aggressive, and more inclined to be, than most women, would be my guess. Is it more prevalent among lesbians than straight women?

dave in boca said...

I'd be interested in a sidebar on the absurdly garbed weirdos receiving Communion from a pliant, evidently senile, SF archbishop as seen on Fox News.

What is the motive for such outrageous behavior, although they seem to be acting in a semi-devout manner as they line up for HC?

Are they trying to say that they fit in, even though they obviously don't follow the norms of the Church in matters of confession & other norms?

Audacious Epigone said...


Why not self-loathing members within the Catholic Church (Archbishop Niederauer)? I don't think the freaks who took part are pious--they are snubbing the church. They call themselves the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" (not surprisingly, they are males) who disrespectfully say "Go and sin more". This, in contrast to opposition to special 'protections' for sexual preference, is diversity, not a 'hate crime'.

Marc said...

More broadly, the complaint is that gay guys like macho men but most gays are effeminate, then?

Yup, you nailed it.

jers said...

The perpetuation of this stereotype really pisses me off. Look at the covers of "gay movies," for example. As a gay man who is a Christian in a dedicated and monogamous relationship, I am discouraged by the incessant flesh parade, not to mention the invitations to underwear parties and strip bars I receive from my gay friends. I don't consider myself a part of "the community"; I am simply gay.