Friday, September 14, 2007

Switch to blogspot, everybody's doing it!

Steve Sailer's blogspot account previously served only an archival function. Last December, he began using it as a forum for reader commentary as well. Now, he's using it as his primary posting location. Due to technical problems, is indefinitely on hold. I've edited my roll to reflect that.

I've wondered why more writers do not go the same route. It does require getting accustomed to the occasional irritating idiosyncrasy. I suppose having the .blogspot tail is like playing a gig with a Yamaha. If you're pincered only by the www. and .com, on the other hand, it's like your strap's attached to a Martin. Except as it relates to internet postings, the sound is identical.

Prestige and minor adjustments aside, Blogger accounts have almost no restraints, as the templates can be completely reworked. Except during scheduled maintenance, they are virtually always accessible. That's a benefit of being backed by Google instead of some local host. Further, they're free. Given the difficulty in running a lucrative blog due to endless competition and the expectation of the potential reader not to have to fork anything over, this advantage can at least remove the accounting cost of pursuing an existence in the blogosphere.

Best of all, a Blogger address generally gets preferential treatment in Google searches. Search for "Bruce Bartlett Fairtax", and Google has me on the front page, while I'm nowhere to be found on Yahoo or MSN. Google "Frances Semler", and my humble internet abode will be the third item returned, in front of CNN, WND, and the Kansas City Star. At, it's not among the top ten. "IQ by state" puts me outside the top 20 on Yahoo, but inside it on Google.

The query by query difference is modest, and sometimes other search engines (particularly Yahoo), will give a more prominent place to the blogspot site than Google will. But most of the time, Google seems to favor its own. Search for "state standard of living" on Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, and Dogpile. Steve's blogspot post tops only Google's returns.

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