Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dessert first when at the blog buffet?

When I take a load off for a couple of hours in front of the computer screen in the evenings, I generally split the time between posting and reading. Posting, of course, requires interspersed amounts of re-reading, depending on the subject. The first half goes to posting, the second to reading.

Or at least that's how it had been--get the 'work' out of the way, then sit back and enjoy. I've never been one to eat dessert first. But the last few rounds I've been running through the blogroll first, and then getting to whatever it is that I'm sputtering about. The reading increases my level of intellectual arousal, and I find myself to be in a better state of mind than I am when I first sit down, generally after having worked out.

It also helps in that I don't shortchange myself by skimming over the things I should be trying to soak up with more diligence. That greater edification is a good thing, as I definitely need to talk less and listen more.

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John said...

Write down thoughts which occur at odd hours or inconveneient times, leaving them in all brevity. Then go through them and find some which fit with the subject at hand, and develop them a little further. There's always another angle on these issues which no one, or no one in many generations, has written on.