Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth performers as old as Earth

The Live Earth marathon that is currently taking place has been a target for radio personalities on the right, especially among neoconservatives like Mark Levin and Rusty Humphries (if they're to be considered right-leaning).

Why be bothered by the concert series? The event has some big corporate sponsors like Pepsi and Philips. The greening of the MNCs, especially those that produce cheap consumables (like Pepsi), is benign.

Sure, it smacks of celebrating-the-independence-of-your-country-by-blowing-up-a-small- piece-of-it: Uber wealthy rockstars with huge mansions and shiny cars flying half way around the world on private jets to a venue using a gazillion watts of electricity to power the lights and sound, playing to tens of thousands of doped-up, cigarette smokers who drive 30,000 cars to get to the concert. But it does 'raise awareness'.

I wonder if a few naughty CAGW skeptics will take pictures of the venue after the concert--traffic-jammed parking lot with trash scattered all over the lawn like a tornado has just rolled through.

What struck me is how ancient most of the performing artists are. Almost all of them are on the decline, having reached their peaks long ago:
The show opened under an early afternoon sun with Phil Collins and Genesis and was to end long after dark with Madonna as the closing attraction.

In between, performing before a crowd of some 50,000, were, among others, Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Duran Duran, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Spinal Tap, Beastie Boys and Foo Fighters. ...

Chris Cornell, Shakira and Snoop Dogg in Hamburg; Lenny Kravitz and Pharrell Williams in Rio de Janeiro; and Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band and Kanye West in Giants Stadium. ...

Of all of these, only John Legend and Pharrell Williams are still rising. An argument might be made that Shakira and Kanye West are as well.

Perhaps as their careers draw to a close, most of the performers are doing something out of passion. Or more cynically, they see this as a golden opportunity for publicity that is getting increasingly difficult to garner.

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savage said...

The environmentalists were even torn. The bbc carried it for more than half the day but the viewership was pathetic, much less than the tabloid garbage about Diana a few days previous.

Look how aged Madonna is. It can be seen in her hand especially.