Saturday, July 21, 2007

Attacks on Jews on the rise in Great Britain

It's an increasingly familiar story in Europe. Jews are under siege by Muslims in the UK, and the number of assaults is growing at an alarming rate:
The British government itself condemns the rising incidence of anti-Semitism and has vowed aggressive action against it. The government emphasized, in a report on March 29, that it will not tolerate mistreatment of Britain's Jews. ...

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain increased by 34 percent last year, according to records collected by the Community Security Trust, a charity that monitors anti-Semitism in Britain and is regularly cited in government reports for being more comprehensive than police data.

Jews should not have to suffer from outbursts of harrassment and persecution reminiscient of what their grandparents suffered under Nazi Germany when they come into contact with Muslim immigrants in their midsts. That's not hyperbole:
“We’re Pakistani,” one of the young people yelled. “You’re Jewish. We will kill you.” The rabbi said several of the youths threw punches at the Jews, until one of the congregants flagged down passing car and asked the driver to call the police. The assailants fled. ...

Many Jewish students are afraid to reveal their religious identity because they fear verbal or physical abuse, said Mitch Simmons, campaign director for the Union of Jewish Students, which represents Jews in British schools. Some Jewish students wear baseball caps instead of skullcaps and conceal their Star of David jewelry to avoid confrontations.
Better yet, they shouldn't have to suffer Muslim immigrants in their midsts, period.

Put aside the irritating predilection toward open borders and refusal to lead a Western campaign against the Islamic incursion for a moment. The case can be made that European Jewish elites have allowed, even facilitated the current state of affairs. Britain's Jewish community needs to take in a little of the local culture itself and indulge in some Monty Python inanity. It might learn a thing or two about the intractable diversity of various humans and, by extension, various human populations.

But Jews represent well under 1% of Britain's population. The bottom-feeding status and pathological behavior that characterizes much of Europe's Muslim population is something Western goyim suffers together, to European civilization's great detriment.

Buses should not be blown up in London. Dutch filmmakers should not have their throats slit in the street for criticizing Islam. Disabled women in France should not be burned alive by rioting miscreants. Subway trains should not be blown to bits in Madrid. Commercial planes should not be flown into American skyscrapers. The West should not absorb hordes of Muslims.

Britain's Islamic community is not assimilating to Occidental norms of individualism and personal liberty. Roughly 750,000 of Britain's two million adherents of the religion of peace believe British Jews are legitimate targets for attack due to Israeli policies in the Middle East. Members of various groups are held accountable for the actions of other members of those groups, even when they are of a global and disconnected scope.

Britain's central Asian Islamic community has brought tribalism with it. European Muslims are not becoming Westernized--they are reshaping Western Europe in an Islamic mold. This is a terrible thing for human progression in general and Europe in particular.


JSBolton said...

It is strange how this keeps happening; the groups in the forefront of 'liberating' or 'saving' the downtrodden of the earth,
find themselves even preferentially targeted, by those expected to be grateful. It looks like they would sacrifice their own, just to be more anti-discriminatory than thou, but that is lemming-like behavior. As to why Jews in particular would be this way, I have no suggestions just now; but in general one may observe a power-seeking process in which leaders posture and do damage to the rank and file of what group they supposedly represent the interest of, sacrificing the followers, while accumulating power for themselves.

Audacious Epigone said...


The article mentions that it is the orthodox/observant Jews (those wearing skullcaps, etc) that have been heavily targeted. The secular Jewish elite has little use for them, anyway, other than pawns for posturing (sort of like the relationship b/w Al Sharpton and the black underclass).